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Retail Branding

Retail branding involves the strategies that fulfill the expectations of the customers and make them choose your brand over your competitors. With distinct retail branding strategies, the positioning of your brand would be effective.


Exhibition Stalls Design

Well-designed exhibition stalls that are aligned to the marketing strategy of the brand provides high visibility and traffic flow in any exhibition event. It determines how your brand stands out at the exhibition and attracts the attendees.


Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs involve rewards, discounts, and other special incentives to attract and retain customers, retailers, distributers etc. Unique loyalty programs would help in acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones.

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Promotional Campaigns

Promotional campaigns are run to create brand awareness using the possibilities of advertising, public relations, social media, personal selling and visual merchandising. It will help you to get new customers, & retain the existing ones.

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Outdoor Advertisements

Outdoor advertising is any kind of marketing done in open spaces to gain attention of the public. It is a perfect canvas to portray your brand with out any limitations. Anyplace where foot traffic is high would be a perfect choice for outdoor ads.

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Indoor Ads

Advertising about a product or a service within a closed region is called indoor advertising. Distinct indoor advertising structures would be eye-catchers that offer substantial coverage at a low cost and short duration of time.


Corporate Event Management

The most effective way to achieve company objectives is through events. Corporate event management is all about planning, conceptualizing, designing, coordinating and executing the full spectrum of events for a business.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing implies data-driven, targeted brand promotion to develop a business in the internet space. It helps to evaluate your brand’s needs and develop a powerful strategy to maximize the profit and revenue of your business.

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Corporate Services

Corporate services are absolutely essential for any business to motivate their employees and clients. Let it be your trade partners, influencers, employees or business associates, it will help you build strong connections.

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AD Vantage Marketing provides affordable marketing and advertising services to mirror the brand identity of every customer. With our profound experience and creativity, we enable aspiring organizations like yours, achieve brand visibility.

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