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by | Oct 18, 2022 | Retail Branding

Starting with classified advertising in the nineteenth century, advertisements and marketing have evolved into critical components of a business’s future. Even the non-profit organizations have recognized the advantages and importance of advertising. Whether it’s a doughnut shop or an engine oil company, the marketing and promotion strategies determine their success. This blog will discuss how the unrivaled marketing and advertising services of AD Vantage Marketing can be the finest thing that has ever happened to your brand.

What is Marketing and Advertising?

Many people confuse marketing with advertising, but the two are not the same. Marketing is a discipline, whereas advertising is just one aspect of it. To make it simple, advertising is marketing, but marketing is much more than just advertising. You might have noticed our previous blogs on retail branding, retail designing, etc. They are all marketing tactics that can determine the fate of a business. They spin the wheel of any product or service in the marketplace together. From the days when marketing was done solely to increase sales. Modern marketing trends now include developing brand value, brand identity, brand messaging, brand culture, and much more. It’s more than just instigating the customers to make a purchase.

What are the services offered by AD Vantage Marketing?

Let’s have a gander at the services that AD Vantage Marketing has in store for your business. I am optimistic that it would guide you in understanding what your business requires to undergo a profound overhaul.

Outdoor Ads

Outdoor advertising isn’t often the most obvious choice of businesses, but the fact is that when people see a street sign or other eye-catching object, they stop and look. The success of any outdoor ad is not just in the design but also in its execution. The intent of outdoor ads should be to create a memorable experience for the audience, thereby uniquely conveying the brand message. AD Vantage Marketing is specialized in creating stunning outdoor ads in the below-mentioned categories.

  • Hoardings
  • Pole Kiosk
  • Advertisements in A/c & Non-A/C exteriors
  • Advertisements in mobile vans and cabs
  • Advertisements in newspaper inserts
  • Bus shelters
  • Skywalks
  • Advertisements in auto
  • Advertisements in ATMs
  • Advertisements in bus Interiors
  • Advertisements in India Post
  • Advertisements in metros
  • Glass Branding
  • Metro pillar
  • Digital OOH
  • Advertisements in no parking boards and police barricades
  • Advertisements in cricket Stadiums
  • Advertisements in flag Poles

Indoor Ads

Any advertisement about a business or a brand that is displayed in closed and controlled spaces is called indoor advertising. Indoor ads are proven successful in catching the customers’ attention with more retention time at a lower cost. AD Vantage Marketing are experts in delivering customized indoor ads that guarantee strong impressions in the audience.

Sun boards, wall signages, door branding, aisle branding, branding in lifts and escalators, glow sign boards, posters, and standees are excellent options for indoor ads that you can opt for. With its creative touch, indoor ads of AD Vantage Marketing have given a facelift to many reputed brands of the nation. The uniqueness of our indoor advertising strategy is that our creativity goes hand-in-hand with your demands and budget.

Retail Branding

Understanding branding is critical in building a solid brand and achieving long-term objectives. Retail branding and retail designing are the crucial elements that increase in-foot traffic, thereby boosting sales and revenue. An expert retail branding agency can carry out systematic addressing and management of both the tangible and the intangible assets of a business.

By providing unique retail store brand solutions, AD Vantage Marketing has helped clients across the nation achieve their business goals. ADVAN’S retail branding and retail designing projects are always based on the changing retail trends, making it the best retail branding agency in India.

Promotional Campaigns

Are you planning a product launch, service expansion, or brand initiative and need a promotional campaign? You may now recall our prior blog post about promotional campaigns. Not only does AD Vantage Marketing provide you with a wealth of information, but it is also the best marketing agency in India, with years of expertise in designing promotional campaigns. Our personalized promotional campaign programs are notable for their involvement and engagement with customers.

How do you stand out among all the brands that give out special promotions to their customers? AD Vantage Integrated Marketing can provide your brand with exceptional promotional campaigns tailored to your business goals and target audience. We’ve included some of the different sorts of promotional campaigns we’ve created for your access.

  • Bike displays
  • Shop to shop activities
  • Feet on Street
  • School /college campaigns
  • Canopy activity
  • Look walker activity
  • Mobile floats
  • Newspaper inserts
  • Kiosk activity
  • Human banner activity
  • Apartment activation
  • Direct post

Loyalty Programs

Research studies suggest that boosting your client retention rate by 5% can increase the profit of your business up to 95%. Along with adding new customers, retaining the existing customers should be an essential factor to be considered. With the changing trends in customer behavior and shopping trends, businesses have realized the importance of encouraging customers and rewarding their loyalty.

Being the best loyalty service provider in India, AD Vantage Marketing has custom-made, innovative customer loyalty programs schemes for its clients pan India. We execute best customer loyalty programs in the form of channel & trade loyalty programs, dealer loyalty programs, influencer (B2I) loyalty programs, retailer loyalty programs, rewards & recognition programs, and customer loyalty programs for our esteemed clients.

Corporate Services

Corporate services involve designing corporate gifts and similar kinds of stuff for the business’s consumers, employees, retailers, wholesalers, etc. Surveys indicate that 80 percent of the customers are more likely to connect with a business that provides customized experiences. Corporate services offered by AD Vantage Marketing include customized corporate gifts, corporate trophies, print production – offset/digital, scale models, 2d/3d direct mailers, miniature, working models, and product photoshoots. Unique ideas of ADVAN in corporate services will help any business to develop a strong bond with its stakeholders.

Corporate Event Management

An influential corporate event should not only target connecting the individuals associated with the firm. Experts opine that a corporate event should be a perfect mix of research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation. It should ensure that the firm gets the maximum return on investment from the event.

Planning a corporate event entails a wide array of elements to be completed precisely. How to execute an outstanding corporate event? Hire a solid corporate event management team that can handle the A to Z of your event. AD Vantage Marketing would be a perfect pick for conducting successful corporate events. Creative thinking and hassle-free execution are the signature elements of ADVAN’s corporate event management. We have years of experience working with corporate events like dealers meet, store openings, exhibitions, stall design, product launches, and MICE Events.

Digital Marketing

A successful marketing strategy should aim to meet customers where they spend most of their time. Without a doubt, the internet should be your primary choice for connecting with the potential customers. New digital marketing trends emerge every day, combining every aspect of the ever-changing environment. A few of them are listed below.

  • App development
  • Advertisements in popular apps
  • Bulk SMS
  • Website designing
  • Advertisements in all social media platforms
  • Mass Mailing /Email blast
  • Blogging
  • Advertisements in all OTT Platforms
  • Data Validation

One of the most challenging issues businesses confront daily is acquiring new customers. Realizing that it is not your forte need not let you down. Hunt for the best marketing agency in India and make the best possible out of it.

AD Vantage Marketing pampers your brand with everything it needs through its signature approaches and services. The results would make you realize that benefits greatly transcend the initial cost and effort you have put. Give your brand the best, and it will fight with your roaring competitors and communicate with your customers.


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