Alia Bhatt Talks on the Real Sleep with Duroflex

by | Jul 30, 2022 | Marketing Trend

Sleep is the best meditation you can ever have.

When someone says ‘Sleep well’, it has got a lot more than that.

Are you in sleep debt?

If your dreams are not letting you sleep, that’s ok, but what if it’s your mattress?

Duroflex, India’s most trusted brand for mattresses, pillows, and other sleep essentials is back with a trendsetting campaign #AsliNeend with #AliaBhatt, the Bollywood diva.

You may not be aware of it, but tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress can lead to poor sleep quality. Multiple nighttime awakenings or taking longer than usual to fall asleep are further indications that your mattress is impacting your ability to sleep.

Duroflex has a say on this?

#AsliNeend educates the people on the importance of sleep essentials in getting a proper sleep. Alia Bhatt insists to go for a research-oriented mattress purchase.

Orthopedic mattresses of #Duroflex comes with an advanced 5-zone support layer. It is the right mattress to support the spine and comfort the body.

Alia is worried on the low-quality mattresses that offers you tempting trial choices and dark circles too.

‘Real Sleep is possible only with Duroflex’.

Tilt Brand Solutions conceptualized the campaign and like ‘no more useless kharcha’ campaign, ‘Asli Neend’ is trending on the social media pages.

It’s time for you to rethink if you are not waking up from the bed with a feeling of refreshment.

Say yes to better-quality sleep like Alia does.

Duroflex makes better sleep more comfortable…

Crux of Duroflex Branding Strategy

Education can be the best tool to change the perception of the young audience. Duroflex gives a way for the sleepless personal a happy sleep with no pills.


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No wastage on the paraphernalia of other sleep essentials but Duroflex, the comfortable sleep-mate can provide the Asli Neend as Alia Bhatt shares her way of life in the campaign.

Duroflex Adds Friendship Vibes to the Real Sleep Club

Duroflex is prompting to celebrate #FriendshipDay with an exciting #GiveawayAlert to join the #RealSleepClub. Like the Duroflex post in Instagram and share on your Insta story a click of your bestie sleeping . Don’t forget to add a prompt sticker in your post. If you are the lucky winner, you and your friend will get Duroflex mattresses on this friendship day.


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Gift your bestie the Asli Neend as a token of your friendship.


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