Top 15 Billboard Advertising Ideas to Give Your Brand a Lift

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Outdoor advertising or OOH advertising is definitely the best advertising mate for your business. The advertising journey of many successful brands always has colorful and impressive outdoor ad stories that have captured the eyes and hearts of the customers. There are different types of outdoor advertising techniques that can fine-tune with the brand message and speak for it. Read our previous blogs on outdoor advertising trends and transit advertising to know more.

AD Vantage Marketing is one of the best outdoor advertising agency that has set solid outdoor advertising examples in India. With a vast clientele for billboard advertising in Bangalore, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, and many other metro cities, we design outdoor door ads that understand the pulse of the current advertising trends.

This blog reflects AD Vantage’s expertise in executing outdoor ads, especially billboard advertising ideas that can facelift your business. Traveling with us, you would make sense of excellent billboard advertising ideas and billboard advertising trends.

Let’s get started with the bottom line of the matter to give you more insights into billboard advertisements.

What is billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising is the advertising strategy that uses billboards to promote a brand. Billboards or hoardings are the advertising structures used in billboard advertising, one of the best advertising boards types.

The term billboard is a combination of Latin and English words. The word ‘bill’ comes from the Medieval Latin’ bulla,’ which means ‘decree or sealed document,’ and ‘board,’ which comes from the old English’ bord,’ that depicts ‘plank, flat surface.’

Billboard advertising establishes strong branding using different visual elements that create strong notions in the audience.

What type of advertising is a billboard?

Billboards are one of the most traditional yet trending out-of-home advertising methods. They are placed at spots with more traffic and chances of the public noticing it. The moto of a billboard ad should be broadcasting the business to the maximum number of customers.

Why billboard advertising?

Among the recurrent and uninspiring ads flooding social media, cellphones, and television, people get engrossed by the billboards. Billboard advertisements are proven to have high retention compared to other types of advertisements.

How do you write a billboard advertisement?

Writing an exceptional and fresh billboard advertisement demands simplicity, legibility, and creativity. One should understand that the design, layout, and text should harmonize beautifully with the area of placement of the billboard.

What can billboards be used to promote?

Creatively crafted billboard advertisements can promote any products, services, brands, or businesses more efficiently than any other advertising approach. Restaurants, clothing brands, jewelry, hospitals, etc., are some of the major business sectors that rely on unique billboard advertising ideas to reach their customers.

What makes a billboard stand out?

Being placed in the areas with highest traffic, billboards capture the attention of the pedestrians, passengers, and drivers. Creative billboard ad ideas would create a lasting impact in people’s minds. LED billboards with crisp and catchy texts speaks about the brand even to the night riders.

How successful is billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising facts suggest that 66% of the outdoor advertising market comprises billboards. This indicates the fact that the majority of the brands have already unleashed billboard advertising effectiveness and the impact of billboard advertising campaigns. They utilize creative billboard ads to showcase their brand value and spread brand awareness.

How much does it cost to put an ad on a billboard?

Prices for billboard advertising always depend upon the following factors.

  • Size of the billboard
  • Layout and design
  • Material used
  • Area of placement

However, compared to the other advertisement modes, billboard advertising rates in India is affordable. Even small businesses can utilize billboards customized as per their budget.

Billboard Advertising Types

Billboard outdoor advertising ideas do not have any thumb rule to follow. It’s all about creativity and how the brand resonate with the public through the billboard. Let’s give you some cool billboard advertising ideas that are trending and attention-grabbing.

Classic Billboards

Classic billboards are also called bulletin billboards, and it is one of the most traditional methods of outdoor advertising. Classic billboards can best fit expressways, highways, and roads with heavy, dense traffic.

Though classic billboards have been in use for decades, it is still evergreen in activating a brand’s sales funnel. Classic billboards are the best in capturing the attention of fast-moving traffic. As per the client’s requirement and the environment, classic billboards can be customized into different sizes.

Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl billboards have evolved from classic ones with advanced features like longevity and visual attraction. Vinyl billboards are made up of polyvinyl chloride that can be painted UV resistant. It is made up of two layers of UV-protected, water-resistant vinyl panels layered between two layers of rip-stop nylon scrim. With proper maintenance, this feature helps vinyl billboards last for three to five years.

Vinyl billboards are brighter and eye-soothing when compared to the classic billboards and can be customized according to the brand requirement. Another advantage of vinyl billboards is that they are reusable, making them environmentally friendly and affordable.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are the billboard advertising strategy of using moving vehicles to promote a product to a more significant number of potential customers. Rather than the customers coming across the brand through mobile billboards, the brand reaches the location of the customers. It is done by making use of the body of the vehicles like buses, trucks, tricycles, etc. as the advertising medium

The main advantages of mobile billboards are

  • Flexibility in delivery of the brand message
  • Planned route analysis
  • Better customer reach
  • Better customer retention
  • Affordability

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are a technology-driven method of traditional static billboard advertising. They are booming daily because of their ability to play dynamic content like video and photos, instantly.

Digital bulletins can be fused into digital billboards to engage your target customers. The projected images in a digital billboard can be viewed without difficulty, even in bright daylight or at night.

Digital billboard advertising is highly advantageous over traditional billboards in customization and cost. There is no scope for any change or modification in the design or text of traditional billboards once it is placed. On the other hand, digital billboards are easy to customize and modify even after the ad placement.

It is possible to preset the ad time on digital billboards, and multiple ads can be incorporated into the same physical space. This would help small businesses from wasting money on the entire billboard. They can customize ad space and appearance as per their budget.

3D Billboards

3D billboards are the perfect mix of conventional billboards, incorporating 3D technology. The difference between 3D billboards and traditional ones is that 3D billboards offer a better visual experience to the audience. It is more of a realistic model of outdoor advertising.3D LED billboards have displaced traditional OOH advertising in many parts of the world. You may change the content with a single click, generating real-life 3D visuals that will catch people’s attention.

Coca-Cola launched the world’s first 3D robotic billboard, which had 1,760 autonomously moving LED panels that were re-synchronized to match the advertisement being shown. It was declared the world’s first and largest 3D billboard by the Guinness Book of Records.

3D billboards offer a visual treat and entertain the audience, through which it silently conveys the brand message. Using a 3D visualization format encourages a simulation of a product’s firsthand experience. There is no interference of physical elements with edges that may make the billboard look unreal. Transparent 3D billboards can perfectly blend with the surroundings and create a unique atmosphere.

Billboard advertising ideas are never confined to the approaches mentioned above. With creativity, you can create charisma in billboard advertising at an affordable cost. Painted billboards, scented billboards depicting the brand’s scent, and flavor, billboards in the product’s shape, etc are some of the billboard advertising best examples.

How to Design a Billboard That Speaks With Your Audience?

Does billboard advertising work? Billboard ads work when created in the right way and placed in the right spot. So, how to make billboard advertising? How do billboards attract attention?

When it comes to a billboard advertisement, all you have got is a few seconds. The passing public should view the billboard design, read the text, and comprehend the message within that limited time. This is the main advantage and disadvantage of billboard advertisements. However, you can invite customers to your brand with untried billboard advertising ideas.

Make sure you know what you want to achieve before you start designing a billboard. Have a clear picture in your head of what you want the billboard to say. It might be anything from brand recognition, brand awareness, product launches, offers, or discounts. Incorporate a solid call to action message in the billboard to elicit the customers to try your product or service.

Billboards aren’t merely for attracting customers’ attention and communicating a brand message. Maintenance is just as important as the design of the billboards. A torn-out or shabby billboard would negatively impact the minds of the customers.

Top 15 Ideas and Tips on Billboard Advertising

Let us share the top 15 billboard advertising tips to help you design the best billboards ads in India.

  • Convey your ideas with a perfect storyline for a better impression.
  • Make use of large font sizes and soothing colour shades to enhance the visibility of the billboard.
  • Avoid cluttering the billboard with long texts and complex messages that would affect customer retention.
  • When seeing outdoor designs from afar, contrasting colour combinations work best.
  • The billboard should be placed at an angle visible to the maximum number of people crossing the spot.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. However, avoid complicated and multiple images on the billboards.
  • Don’t go for too many elements stuffed inside the billboard design. Limit the content with few texts and images and add the brand logo with the headline.
  • Photographs of celebrities would create a better impression on the billboards.
  • The billboard should incorporate the product characteristics and benefits of the particular brand.
  • Essential information such as price and offers would create a lasting impression on the customers.
  • Make sure that you stick to one message or idea so that the moving audience can easily connect that with your brand.
  • Change the text on the digital billboards periodically for better customer attraction.
  • Make sure that you change the design and layout of the billboard after a period to avoid a repetitive impression on the customer.
  • Don’t limit your billboard design to the area available on the billboard. Consider including the environmental elements too.
  • Tailor your billboard advertising ideas and designs to the geographical location.

The first thing that springs to mind when you think of an advertisement is the massive and bright billboards you’ve seen while commuting. Creative billboard advertising ideas would never go out of vogue, even among the other advertising mediums. Even the busiest people are made aware of the brands, thanks to the powerful advertising effect of billboards.

I hope now you understand how billboard works and why billboard advertising is effective. Why wait when those billboard advertising ideas can be transformed into a reality? Touch base with AD Vantage Marketing for unique and high-quality billboards that would invite customer impressions. We will help you with the most effective billboard advertising strategy for your brand.

Experts suggest that digital billboard advertising in India will evolve more strongly in the coming years. AD Vantage’s cool billboard advertising ideas AND  hoarding advertising services would nurture your brand with everything it deserves. Let’s together craft a billboard that connects with your audience and speak to them.



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