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by | Jul 8, 2024 | Case Study

About the Client

Wow! Momo, a popular fast-food chain known for its innovative momo varieties, has successfully expanded its footprint in India with numerous outlets. Their latest venture was the opening of a new restaurant in Pattom, Trivandrum, Kerala.


The primary objective of this campaign was to create awareness about the new Wow! Momo outlet in Pattom, drive footfall to the restaurant, and establish a strong market presence in the new location.

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign included:

  • Local residents of Pattom and surrounding areas
  • Office-goers and students
  • Momo enthusiasts and food lovers in Trivandrum


The major challenges faced during the campaign included:

– High competition from existing fast-food chains and local eateries

– Creating a buzz in a market where Wow! Momo was a new entrant

– Ensuring effective and wide-reaching visibility within a short timeframe


To overcome these challenges, a strategic and multi-faceted marketing approach was employed:

Strategic Hoarding Placement

A single, prominent front-lit hoarding was installed near the new Wow! Momo restaurant.

Engaging Lookwalker Activity

Innovative lookwalker campaigns were conducted, where individuals wearing billboard-style advertisements walked around high-traffic areas to engage directly with potential customers.


The solution involved a combination of traditional outdoor advertising and engaging street marketing. The key activities included:

Hoarding Placement

A strategically placed front-lit hoarding near the Wow! Momo restaurant displayed eye-catching visuals and promotional offers, ensuring it grabbed the attention of passersby and commuters.

Lookwalker Campaign

Promoters with sandwich boards walked through crowded streets, interacted with passersby, and distributed flyers to generate interest and provide information about the new outlet.

Promotional Offer

To attract more customers and create excitement, Wow! Momo introduced a special promotional offer:

Himalayan Momo Offer: Get delicious Himalayan Momos starting at just ₹89 and ₹99.

Match Day Mania: Enjoy the Match Day Mania combo, which includes 8 pieces of Himalayan Steam Momo, 2 Moburgs, and 2 Pepsi 200ml Glass, starting at ₹199.


The campaign execution was meticulously planned and flawlessly carried out:

  • Hoarding featuring the Wow! Momo logo, images of the delectable momos, and promotional offers were prominently displayed.
  • Lookwalkers were strategically deployed during peak hours to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Flyers containing details about the new outlet and special offers were distributed to encourage visits.


The campaign achieved remarkable results:

Increased Awareness: The strategic hoarding and engaging lookwalker activity significantly boosted local awareness about the new Wow! Momo outlet.

Higher Foot Traffic: The restaurant experienced a notable increase in foot traffic from the day of its opening, surpassing initial expectations.

Positive Customer Response: The innovative and direct marketing approach received positive feedback from new customers, contributing to a successful launch.


The launch campaign for Wow! Momo’s new outlet in Pattom, Trivandrum, successfully combined traditional advertising with innovative street marketing to achieve outstanding results. The front-lit hoarding near the restaurant and the dynamic lookwalker activity created high visibility and engagement, driving significant foot traffic and establishing a strong market presence.

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