Canopy Activity in Marketing- It Works the Best for Your Brand

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Konopeion is the Greek root term of the word canopy which means “Egyptian sofa with mosquito curtains.” “Bed-curtain” was the original meaning of the Old French conope, which evolved into today’s canopy.

What is Canopy in Marketing?

Let us now understand what is canopy activity. Canopy activity in marketing is a transitory retail campaign strategy that strives to engage individuals and turn them into potential customers. A canopy tent or canopy stall is one of the widely implied promotional campaign tools to create brand awareness amongst the public. Using a temporarily designed, eye-catching physical space, people are educated about the brand, thereby triggering them to become potential customers.

Types of Materials Used in a Canopy

Along with the design of the canopy, the material used is also very significant when it comes to the success of canopy activity in marketing a brand. An ideal material used to set up a canopy should be

  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • UV- resistant
  • Fire- resistant

Let us find what are the materials used in canopy designing for marketing purposes.

Polyester Canopy Tops

Polyester canopies are the most preferred canopy material, especially for small businesses that have a stringent budget towards canopy for marketing. Polyester canopies are durable in Indian weather conditions. It is comparatively water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Polyethylene Canopy Tops

Polyethylene canopy tops are UV resistant and exhibit water resistance to a good extent. As polyethylene promotional canopies tend to wear out rapidly when they are often raised and lowered, this material is best used on frames that will be installed and left in place.

Vinyl Canopy Tops

Viny canopy tops are evolved from polyester canopies and have a vinyl coating. Vinyl canopies are UV resistant, fire-resistant, and durable because of the vinyl coating. They are comparatively heavy and used for setting up canopies that have to stand longer.

Benefits of Canopy Stalls

Canopy activities are one of the most efficient promotional campaign strategies for showcasing a product or service. Using a bespoke canopy tent provides sufficient shelter for your visitors and products. The below-mentioned are the advantages of conducting canopy activities for your brand.

Face-to-face interaction with your customers

Canopy activities give businesses a fantastic opportunity to meet their customers, offer their products and services, and gather feedback. Direct connection with potential customers would aid in the development of brand awareness, recognition and customer loyalty.

Inviting customers to explore your product/service

Through displays and demos, canopy stores encourage customers to try out your product or service. Outdoor canopy stalls allow brands to be physically present where their customers are, making it easy and comfortable for them to connect with you.

Creating brand awareness

Canopy stalls create brand awareness in the customers. Customers get to know the elements like brand image, brand identity, brand value and brand story.

Creating a shopping urgency in the customers

Customers will feel compelled to buy your stuff if they can explore and experience your brand more closely. It is a known fact that successful canopy events increase in-store foot traffic, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Lead generation

The best element of executing canopy activity in marketing is building client contacts. Customers willingly drop their contact information when they admire your brand in canopy stalls, resulting in a smooth lead generation process.

Cost effectiveness

Undertaking a canopy activity is less expensive than conducting other promotional events. The money is spent on finding the ideal location for meeting your consumers and putting creative aspects into the stall. Canopy stalls made of durable and weather resistant materials like polyester fibre lowers the investment even further.

Ease of organizing

Unlike other marketing campaign approaches, setting up canopy stalls would not take much time. Canopy tents may be set up nearly anywhere. Umbrella canopies, for example, are simple to set up and relocate, lowering the expense of setting up a new canopy every time.

How to Conduct a Canopy Activity in Marketing?

When it comes to organizing canopy activities, there are no hard and fast rules. Any setting that allows the general public to connect with your brand would be excellent. Canopy activities can be done in transit or waiting spaces, shopping malls, movie theatres, educational institutions, and exhibitions, etc.

The effectiveness of canopy activities is determined by how well the public is involved and how effectively the brand message is communicated. Any business, regardless of its size or brand value, could benefit from promotional campaigns conducted through canopy stalls. It is a wonderful medium via which you may communicate with your customers and represent your brand.

Vital Elements of Canopy Activities

As previously said, the primary goal of canopy activity in marketing should be to educate the public about your business. Your brand should stick in the thoughts of someone who walks away from your canopy stall. How can you make a canopy activity stand out from the rest? Let us now look at the important factors to consider when creating a unique canopy stall marketing strategy.

  • The choice of the environment should be inviting to the public.
  • There should be a wow element that grab the customers to your canopy.
  • The physical space or the canopy booth should be flashy.
  • Individuals responsible for the canopy stall should be vibrant and attract the traffic to your campaign.
  • The customers should be engaged in the best possible way, conveying your brand message.
  • Lead generation should be effectively carried out in a smooth and positive way.

How to WOW the Customers with your Canopy?

How can you make your canopy activity a success? It’s all about standing out among your raucous competitors in the marketplace. Give customers something they won’t get from other brands. Let’s look at ways to add that wow factor to your canopy activities.

High-Quality Design

The prime motto of any canopy activity in marketing is to grab the attention of the customers and invite them to the stall. Using ravishing and high-quality design and branding colours would drive more traffic to your canopy stalls. The stall should mirror your brand in every possible means.

Giveaways and Prizes

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rewarded? Provide customers who visit the canopies with giveaways and rewards in exchange for their positive experiences with your brand.

Product Demos

Conduct simple product demos so that the customers will have a curiosity and get engaged in the most productive way. Experiencing your product would generate a purchasing instinct in them, helping the canopy booth achieve its goal.

Games and Fun Elements

Incorporate itty-bitty fun elements and games to engage the customers in your canopy stall. Let them get closer to your brand through fun and entertainment.

Purpose of Canopy activity in Marketing

Canopy activity in marketing is an excellent option to address the potential customers in an environment where you are unable to create a permanent retail presence. Canopy activities are extremely fruitful for start-up businesses to create awareness in the public about your product or service. It would also help in product launch of existing businesses, where the customers would easily get to know about the new product of their favorite brand.

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At ADVAN, we provide you a wide array of canopy designs like printed canopy tent, PVC promotional canopy, outdoor canopies, advertising canopies, umbrella canopies and so on. The custom canopy tent is available in a variety of sizes and colours, making it simple to find the one that best suits your business needs. Our durable canopy tents would help you represent your business at any event regardless of the weather. Join with us and we would design customized canopy activities for your brand to hike your sales and customer loyalty.

Successful canopy activities would not only create new customers to the brand, it also strengthens the bond you have with the existing customers. Invest in canopy activities that is not a touch-and-go. Hire a marketing agency that knows the A to Z of canopy stalls and how to connect you with your potential customers. When you have choices, choose the best for your brand.


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