Exhibition Design Ideas & Tips: With Classy Ones, Your Brand Will Roar

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Exhibition Stalls Design

An exhibition stall is an excellent medium to create brand awareness about your business and to directly communicate with the customers. The only marketing strategy that brings together buyers, vendors, and competitor businesses is an exhibition.

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In this blog, AD Vantage gives you the best exhibition design ideas and tips to make your business stay unique and noted in an exhibition event or trade fair show. We would discuss the vital ten exhibition layout ideas incorporating the trending elements in each of them.

Are you ready to come to the limelight with AD Vantage? Here we go with exhibition stand design ideas to make the exhibition event special.

How to design exhibition space?

The world is changing and digital technology is conquering it in all verticals. Consumer minds are rapidly evolving, seeking newness in everything they experience. Your business should grab their minds and bring them into your exhibition booth.

Is your show booth exhibition design process following the same old designs and fabrication? Time to rethink and revamp your exhibition design ideas.

There is no thumb rule for AD Vantage’s exhibition booth design ideas. We know what your business demands and invite the event attendees inside the booth. With an exclusive team of exhibition stall designers and fabricators, we bring up the perfect exhibition design project for our clients.

Set your goals

The secret mantra for successful exhibition layouts is setting clear-cut goals and meeting them at the venue. What are the common goals of businesses when participating in an exhibition event or trade show event?

  • Sales generation
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Expand to new markets
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Product launches
  • Reaching new partners
  • Meeting dealers, distributors, or agents
  • Carrying out surveys
  • Media relations

Exhibition stall design ideas should dovetail with any of the goals mentioned above. Building and increasing brand awareness is a top marketing goal for trade exhibitions, according to 83% of exhibitors.

Each business will have a distinct exhibition event goal based on its position and reach in the marketplace. Before formulating creative ideas for the exhibition and executing them in the exhibition layouts, just think of your goal and how you are going to achieve it. Exhibition design concepts and exhibition themes ideas without a concrete goal will not gain any benefit at the exhibition event even after spending all your money and efforts.

Plan ahead

Once the goal is set for your exhibition event, the next step should be planning the stall in the right way.

How to do exhibition planning?

Your exhibition design plan should have a clear vision of the exhibition venue, space, target attendees, and types of exhibition designs available in the industry. Planning an exhibition event should perfectly match with your goals as best as possible.

There are thousands of exhibitions happening all over the world, so picking the correct one is crucial. Do your research and learn as much as you can about the programs you are interested in.

Once you perfectly focus on all these exhibition details, executing creative and engaging exhibition kiosk designs will not be an arduous task. Let’s find out the vital factors to be considered while planning an exhibition kiosk.

  • Determine the event’s measurable desired results
  • Identify the competitors’ presence in the event
  • Create a signature visual concept for your display stand
  • Prioritise the products to be displayed in the stall
  • Give visitors incentives to tie up with your business
  • Ensure that the team inside the stall is well aware of the displayed products

Hiring a creative stall designer that can incorporate all the aforementioned elements will give your guests a memorable experience, while also giving you amazing returns on your investment.

Consider the venue space

The significance of choosing the ideal location for your display booth is frequently understated by exhibitors. A decent exhibition area may be quite effective in attracting visitors to your booth and even allows you plenty of room to experiment with display concepts and exhibition stand designs.

You must reserve floor space as soon as you start making preparations for your display. Once you’ve done that, you must use every square inch of the floor space in your display stand to ensure the exhibit looks amazing.

The more noticeable your product is, the more probable it is that a visitor would remember it and stop by your exhibition booth. Position yourself away from the exhibition hall’s major entrances. Since entrances are frequently busy and chaotic, it is challenging to engage the attendees.

It is crucial to leave enough open space inside your booth for visitors to enter, view, and navigate the exhibit. Additionally, having enough space to explore your brand will prevent your guests from feeling confined and uneasy inside your display booth. Depending upon the exhibition stand space, you should select the type of exhibition stand befitting your business.

If the exuberant crowd in front of your event turns people away, you run the risk of losing a potential lead before you even see it. This may happen if your exhibition space is too clumsy and crowded to accommodate your event attendees.

If the sole purpose of your participation in the show is to increase brand awareness, you can get away with a smaller stand with less floor space. You need to have a spot for activities like virtual reality screenings and lucky draws because they tend to draw large crowds.

Think about the traffic flow

It is important to prepare for traffic flow and how booth visitors will arrive, navigate through, and leave your exhibition. It’s important to plan ahead for how visitors will approach and leave your display. A model of the display can more clearly show how visitors can be guided and moved through it.

People tend to behave in predictable ways, such as turning right when they reach the showroom floor. Before turning to the left, they also look to their right. If you’re on the left side of the aisle, there’s a significant chance of being noted easily.

Plan some cut-throughs or corridors if you’re going to have long rows of booths so that guests may simply avoid traffic and switch to another aisle.

Take careful note of the traffic patterns at each trade fair that you see at various times of the day. You can either make a lot of money or save a lot of money by keeping notes on traffic patterns and crowded regions.

Mind the colour and light scheme

Even though they are sometimes overlooked, a good lighting frame and soothing background music unquestionably aid in creating a peaceful ambiance in your stand. If lighting is projected properly, it can help showcase the products and services. Including these elements in the layout of your display stand might be very effective.

Incorporate technology

Immersive technologies can help you stand out from the crowd and provide unforgettable experiences. You can think about cutting-edge technology, exhibition graphic design ideas, and social media components in the design of your booth. Showing live tweets on display screens and asking the event attendees to participate using their smartphones could be an exciting experience.

Customized videos displayed on TVs, stunning projections, optical illusions, educational slide shows and augmented reality are perfect options that would be a cherry on the cake. It is advised to place automated graphics adjacent to the product so that you can demonstrate well how the product functions and provide information about it.

Display your products wisely

Your products are the motives behind why visitors come to your exhibition booth. As much effort as you spend choosing the ideal exhibition booth design must be spent creating the appropriate exhibit displays for that design.

There will undoubtedly be at least 60–70 different businesses displaying and advertising their products in an exhibition booth. The challenge for you is to stand out for your products in this environment.

How do you display products in exhibition?

For displaying tiny products in a trade fair exhibit, shelving is still an excellent choice. You can display your little products on shelves in a distinctive fashion, whether they are kept along the rear wall or on the sides of your trade show booth.

Choose a few of your top-selling products and upcoming launches for a significant impact. By doing this, you can keep your booth clear of clutter while showcasing your newest product. Product arrangement that coordinates with the graphics of the trade show booth design can help little products stand out more.

The ability to effectively describe your products in the shortest period is greatly facilitated by having a well-trained, motivated, and courteous workforce. For your product to receive the most visibility, you must ensure that each person who stops by your booth is informed about it.

Make the design tune with your brand

Before you can make sure that your exhibition presence consistently represents your business, you must understand what your brand stands for.

Tradeshows provide a fantastic opportunity for businesses to strengthen their brand equity and raise their visibility. Be careful to select the information that accurately represents your brand’s identity when choosing what content to employ for your marketing efforts during the trade show. You must inform visitors about your brand in a fun and engaging way if you want to increase brand equity.

Trade fair exhibits that highlight facets of a brand’s personality effectively increase traffic. You must therefore pay close attention to your tradeshow exhibit’s overall design.

The identity of your brand can be communicated through the use of graphics and hanging signs. You can offer important advertising messages in an appealing method that is simple for the visitors to understand by utilising the colours of your brand.

Don’t forget to excite the attendees

You need a themed booth that will subtly tempt customers to stop by. You may try including games, and quizzes to encourage attention. Once they are attracted to your booth, you can begin directing them toward your products and services.

If your brand is adept at using social media, think about setting up a special area to promote online interaction.

Attendees will be inspired to take pictures with a unique backdrop or frames, which will improve your exposure with additional branding. With photo booths, you may present a number of intriguing concepts for guests to try out. Digital displays can also be used to digitally animate images to make them seem engaging.

Even if it only involves a small amount of effort to participate, competition would be great for this because participants who put in the time to win are more likely to stick around.

Offer personalised invitations, one-on-one encounters, customised marketing communications, and exclusive pricing. You can also give them access to limited-edition products that they can get only from you and give them the chance to have their stuff exclusively personalised.

Promote your stall

Inform and invite your clients that you are taking part in an exhibition.

Direct mail, telephone calls, a one-on-one sales call before the event, and advertisements in trade or technical press are just a few of the pre-show promotions used to draw people to the booth.

A virtual stall enables you to give potential customers a virtual tour of your booth space in the days preceding your actual stall appearance.

Give existing consumers incentives to visit your booth in the form of gift certificates, store credit, and freebies. Having customers at your booth serves as positive social evidence to draw in new customers.

An exhibition attendee typically spends 3–4 seconds at a booth, giving you a brief window of opportunity to grab their attention, market your brand, and encourage them to stop by. For this, the booth exhibition design ideas are crucial in attracting customers to your business and helping you stand out from your competitors.

Customers and distributors will be left in the dark regarding the company’s expertise if the exhibition booth is poorly constructed and poorly managed.

Your exhibition booth will draw people in for a variety of reasons. It’s crucial to filter the event attendees as per their interests and follow up for future business opportunities.

When you display your business at an exhibition event, a lot of planning is required to deliver exceptional stand exhibition design ideas. Every little thing has a big impact on how things work together. A single small error can have a cascading effect, leading to subpar performance and results.

Both the exhibitors and the visitors must be persuaded that there will be something at the exhibition that they will find useful and interesting. AD Vantage believes that the success of an entire exhibition event depends on making these two messages resonate with one another.

Do you have any queries on exhibition stall design or fabrication? Let’s get in touch to prep you for the next event.








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