Exhibition Stall Design: Does it Really Matter in an Exhibition Event?

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Globally, exhibitions and trade shows are essential facilitators of trade and economic development. They play a vital role in promoting businesses covering all sectors. India is a popular exhibition venue around the world. The Indian exhibition sector has developed at an annual rate of 8-10% during the last decade. Though trade fairs and exhibitions faced a massive dip during the global pandemic, the situation is gradually changing, gearing up to trade shows in India.

Giving you a brief insight on the exhibitions and trade fair shows, let’s move to the nerve center of the blog, the role of exhibition stall design in an exhibition event.

What are the stalls in exhibition?

Exhibition stalls are physical spaces engineered with specific dimensions and structures to feature a brand in exhibitions and trade show events. Exhibition stalls are not showcases where a brand can display its products and services; they are where the brand gets a chance to converse face-to-face with its prospective customers.

A trade fair stall in exhibition becomes a medium where the customers get a chance to get one step closer to the brand by exploring them. Choosing a perfect booth from the venue’s architecture is one of the most significant aspects of setting up an exhibition stall.

What is stall design?

Stalls, more than serving as a 3-dimensional space to display the brand, should harmonize with the brand from all angles. Smashing event stall design for exhibition and the distinct exhibition booth design concept are vital in making the brand outsmart its counterparts.

Any exhibition or corporate stall design should have the anchor of a jaw-dropping exhibition booth design template. The stall design should stringently follow the floor plan of the exhibition event area and the exhibition space design standards. A perfect stall design would be an ultimate combo of the following three factors

  • Effective space utilization
  • High visibility
  • Eye-catching elements

Types of exhibition stand designs

Exhibition stands are of different types, and the exhibition stalls design should be selected based on the brand, products, and available space. The following are the most common types of exhibition stands and stall design exhibition trends in India.

Row Exhibition Stands

An exhibition stand between two other stands is known as a row stand or walls stand. At trade exhibits, this is the most popular type of exhibition booth. In a row stand, the hall aisle is visible from the front of the stand.

In row stands, the exhibitors have neighboring stands on both their right and left side. They are considered one of the budget-friendly exhibition stand designs by businesses, especially those who participate in trade shows regularly.

Row stands are also called 1 side open tall designs as the exhibition stand design will have a one-side opening for entry and exit of the attendees. The closed walls of the one side open exhibition stall design can be utilized for advertising your products, banners, and brand logos.

Though less expensive, row stand exhibition stall ideas are considered to bring less customer footfall when considered to other exhibition stand designs, as they may offer less visibility.

Corner Exhibition Stands

Corner exhibition stands are placed at the end of a row with openings on two sides. It is also called 2 side open  stall design, where the event attendees can access the stall from two sides. They are placed at the intersection where the exhibition attendees have a massive traffic flow.

Corner exhibition stall designs will offer plenty of space for displaying graphics and brand communication. 2 side open exhibition stand design provides a broader canvas to bring in a creative and memorable stand design.

Peninsula Exhibition Stands

Peninsula tradeshow exhibits are 3 side open stall designs with openings on three sides of the aisle. Peninsula stands will also have a back wall to anchor your booth display. At trade exhibitions, peninsula booths can be utilized for banner displays and product displays.

The advantage of peninsula booths is the high visibility and flexibility with height and layout options. However, the pricing of a peninsula exhibition stand design may be on the higher side when compared to designs like row stands.

Island Exhibition Stands 

Island exhibition stands provide access to the attendees from all four sides of the stall. Hence, they are also called 4 side open stall designs. Island exhibition stands offer the best possible exposure to the event attendees, providing high visibility and reach.

Island stands demand colossal space to set up the stall and requires more area when compared to other exhibition stall types. This stall design is expensive, making only large businesses go for it.

Walk-Through Exhibition Stands

As the name indicates, walk-through exhibition stalls are fabricated so the attendees can walk through these stands and reach the neighboring booths. This type of exhibition stands are rarely picked up by businesses as the stand will be split across either side. Visibility of the stall will be less, and retaining the attendees inside the booth will be tricky.

What is the importance of stall design at an exhibition?

The best stall design or exhibit design should be the very picture of the brand theme, brand message, and brand voice. Setting up trade fair stalls at every event will not add potential clients to any business. The exhibition stall should be attention-grabbing, inviting the attendees to explore and learn more about the brand.

How do you make a stall interactive? Each element in the business exhibition stall design should be in such a way that it enhances the traffic and communicates with the customers, dealers, retailers, etc. The booth exhibition design, when it follows the business objectives of the brand, can definitely get mileage out of any exhibition event.

How do you make an exhibition stall attractive?

There is no abracadabra in making an exhibition stall attractive. Whether a simple stall design or a modern exhibition booth design, a stellar stall exhibition design can turn it attractive. Stall decoration for exhibitions can be used as added elements but should never compromise on the message the brand intends to convey to the attendees.

Fabric prints and Vinyl prints can hike the visual appeal of your simple exhibition stall design. Flooring materials like Carpet tiles would make it easy to customize colours and designs syncing with the brand theme. Visual effects and music can enhance the flavour of your stall design, eliciting the attendees to visit your stall.

You can bring in lighting systems, signboards, logo designs, banner display stands, pop-up banner stands, hanging banner signs, and apt tables and chairs to enhance the appearance of your display booth.

How do you make a stall interactive?

The exhibition stall design should never be plain, lacking interactive elements. Making your stall attractive will attract the attendees, but need not lead to long retention inside the booth. The primary objective should be making the attendees visit your stall and encouraging them to spend the maximum time exploring your products or services. There is no fault in going the extra mile to make your exhibition stall design more interactive and engaging.

Sending exhibition invitations to your clients in advance can help your brand get registered in their minds. Social media platforms can be used to the core to let them know that your brand is a part of the event. These two aspects can be considered as the ladders in the preparatory phase to make your stall more interactive.

Virtual reality experience, interactive LED screens, contests, fun zones, games, refreshments, etc., can be incorporated as engaging factors into the stall design. The more the customers interact with your stall and get engaged, the bond you initiate or share with them will get strengthened with a high impact.

Top Reasons to Partner with a Good Exhibition Stall Design Agency

Businesses’ perceptions about exhibits and trade fairs have shifted dramatically in India. Brands have discovered that expos and tradeshows may yield far more than they expect when handled appropriately. They realize that exhibition stand design and exhibition stall fabrication are significant elements when thinking of investing in exhibition stalls.

Rather than listing the reasons to hire an exhibition stall designer in India, we would like to exhibit the feedback we have gathered as a leading exhibition booth design company in Bangalore. We have been a part of umpteen trade fairs and expos all over India, offering exhibition stall fabrication services to our clients.

AD Vantage Marketing fulfills all your exhibition stall requirements like exhibition booth designing and fabrication, typography needs, logistics, advertising, branding, and finally, dismantling trade show exhibits.

Effectual Space Utilization

Choosing a suitable space in a trade show hall or exhibition is the first and foremost step in participating in an exhibition event. The area should have high visibility, and accessibility would help you the best. Venues close to the exhibition entrance or surrounded by open spaces will result in high traffic of the attendees.

With the floor plan and layout AD Vantage Marketing assists the clients in cherry-picking the right spot in the exhibition venue. The next step would be stall designing, utilizing the maximum for the money the business invests for the exhibition space.

We are iconic exhibition booth builders in the industry, well known for exhibitions stall design with maximum space utilization. Within the available space, we come up with stalls loaded with all the elements that get your brand in the limelight. We have stall fabricators and exhibition booth designers in our team who are experts in utilizing every inch of your exhibition space.

Exclusive Designs

In exhibitions or trade fair events, space is frequently divided into pavilions or zones as per the category of business sectors. It further increases the competition, demanding a different and creative exhibition design.

Our exhibition stall design fabricators are battle-scarred in creating custom-built stalls and exhibition booth designs for each client. We frame exclusive stall design based on extensive research on the clients’ products, services, competitors, and customer base.

We ensure that the stall design perfectly blends with the brand theme, logo, message, and value. We prepare the blueprint and the exhibition 3D model as per the clients’ preferences and budget. Once the client approves, the design moves towards engineering and construction.

End-to-End Branding

The visibility and footfall of an exhibition stall are not determined by the exhibition stall design. The attendees of the event should get to know about your stall once they enter the exhibition venue. Brand showcasing possibilities are there in every nook and corner of the venue and not just confined to the exhibition booth.

As a professional exhibition stalls design company, we assist our clients in pushing their brands ahead. We offer end-to-end branding services in the exhibition venue through channels like LED banners, LED signages, shutter bus services, way branding, and much more.

Strong Client Assistance

Aside from exceptional stall designs, Engineering and transporting the display stands hassle-free is also vital. One of our key strengths is the exhibition logistics team, including exhibition booth contractors, stall designers, and exhibition stand fabricators. We ensure that the exhibition stand designs, instruments, and other show pieces are transported, set up, and eventually deconstructed without creating any headaches for the clients.

An established exhibition stand design firm will handle everything from 3D design and manufacturing through transportation, using its in-house team or network of designers, transporters, contractors, and other professionals. A turnkey, all-inclusive plan like this will relieve you of the burden and allow you to focus on other things.

Exhibition Promotion

The affiliation between the client and the exhibition stall design agency is not limited to the conceptualization and exhibition stall design. Exhibition promotion is a vital step that should not be overlooked in the success of a brand participating in a trade fair or expo event. The customers should know that the brand will be a part of the event, and promotions are the best way.

AD Vantage spiritedly promotes the exhibitors and gets the brand close to the heart even before they attend the event. We instigate brand awareness through multitudinal exhibition advertising ideas like social media ads, digital marketing campaigns, newsletters, bus branding, billboards, etc.

I hope this writing has given you a better discernment of exhibition stall design, fabrication, and promotion. Stay connected with us in LinkedIn for more updates.

Exhibitions and trade shows are back! ‘It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.’ Don’t think it’s too early to start thinking of your next exhibit stand. Hook up with the best exhibition stall design company and bag mind-boggling international exhibition stall design ideas. Let your brand be the talk of the town in all the trade shows of 2022 and ahead.


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