Feet-on-Street Activity for Apollo Tyres

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Apollo Tyres






Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Client Profile

Apollo Tyres Limited is one of India’s leading tyre producers and India accounts for 69 percent of the company’s sales. Several generations of Indian motorists have put their faith in Apollo Tyres to provide a smooth journey for all types of vehicles in any weather condition.


To find out the fitters, and enroll the fitter database in the Apollo Sarathy Loyalty Program.


Promotional Campaign, Feet-on-street activity

Hypothesis for Strategy

We started the activity as a pilot initiative in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The fitters were enrolled in the app by a team of promoters working in different regions of the state. The database with the details of the fitters of the selected regions was shared by the client. AD Vantage created a roadmap with the team and completed the task in a month. After the activity, the local team went to each fitter store to walk them through the app and explained the benefits of the loyalty program. They conducted demos to the fitters on how to add loyalty points to the app. The client gifted the fitters with a welcome pack as a token of their loyal relationship. AD Vantage had created a database of local fitter shops and added them to the loyalty program of Apollo Tyres. We have provided all the executives with the latitude and longitude of the specific fitter store to monitor the activities in a hassle-free manner.

Impact and Results

AD Vantage was able to identify 400 fitter shops and added them to the fitter database of the client.

Short Term Goals

To extend the customer database of the client and to increase loyalty in the customers.

Long Term Goals

To acquire more data on the fitter database of Apollo and use it for future marketing campaigns.


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