Feet on the Street Marketing- The Ever-Trending Strategy That Works

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Promotional Campaigns

When it comes to marketing, it is better to meet your customers where they are rather than pushing them to where you want them to be. Have you gotten to know anything about feet on the street marketing? Feet on the street is a promotional campaign where the sales crew members visit individual businesses to arrange merchandise and improve the display visibility of their products/services.

The first thing that comes to your mind is sales personnel marketing a product. Feet on the street marketing is a field merchandising strategy that does not instantly push the product or the service to the customer. Instead, it involves collecting data on the customers, which would later be effectively used in marketing. Giant multinational companies like Swiggy and Zomato could be pointed out as examples of feet-on-the-street marketing. Using this promotional campaign method, they expand their client database.

Do feet on the street strategy create a commotion on the street? What is the real aim of the feet on the street activity campaign? AD Vantage’s expert feet on the street team tell more than what your visible eye can capture. If you want to measure the encircling glut, listen to India’s best promotional campaign agency to lead you.

The entire marketing lingers around successful techniques like feet on the street marketing. Feet on the street campaign is a unique selling proposition to more significant ROI: less budget but greater outreach. Let’s get started and know it better!

What is Feet-On-Street Model Mean?

The feet on the street model involves data gathering about the potential customers of a business. Generating leads is an arduous task in any business, which is easily accomplished using the feet-on-the street strategy. Unlike other promotional campaign strategies, feet-on-street involves workforce and one-to-one interaction with prospective clients.

Well-executed feet on the street marketing aims at new customer acquisition with efficient feet-on-street sales representatives who become the face of the brand. Depending upon the geographical orientation of the customers, these sales teams disperse themselves and identify the target customers. When I say customers, it could be the whole sealers, retailers, distributors, or the public. Collection of vital information about the customers, their details, and contact information would be carried out and added to the business database.

The business could utilize the acquired data for their marketing and promotional activities, loyalty programs, etc. Feet-on-street activities create opportunities to interact directly with potential customers, resulting in reliable data to expand the customer database. In certain circumstances, product demos are conducted as a part of the feet-on-street marketing activity. This helps the clients get to know the product closer, thereby creating a chance of conversion.

What is Feet on Ground Sales Strategy?

Feet-on-the-ground sales strategy remains significant even in the internet age. It is typically an unconventional marketing strategy. The prime importance of the ground sales strategy will be to enable the audience to lure towards the brand and the product. It is to create a lasting impact on the brand.

The question is, why do so many companies turn to the feet on the street model? The conventional marketing method led big MNCs to invest out of pocket. The ROI has been very meager. So, the behemoth organizations turned towards feet on the street model activity.

Advantages of Feet on the Street Activities

Promotional campaigns and lead generation could be carried out in umpteen ways depending upon the nature of a business and the budget. The strategy for promotion should be picked up considering the size of your business, target customers, and the nature of the data you look for. The following are the benefits of feet-on-street marketing compared to other promotional campaign tactics.

  • Unlike other promotional activities, feet on the street marketing is inexpensive.
  • There would be personal contact and communication with the customers.
  • The reliability of the data gathered would be high.
  • A wide array of information could be collected in a single activity.
  • Lead generation could be accomplished within a short time.

Feet-On-Street Marketing by Zomato

Zomato, the Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company, has tasted the success of feet-on-street marketing. The company recruits data collectors who do feet-on-street marketing to collect restaurant information from cafes, bars, and restaurants. Rather than relying on third parties to gather information on the restaurants in a particular marketing zone, Zomato exploits feet-on-street strategy to acquire first-hand information on their clients.

Zomato utilizes GPS systems, Google Maps and physical maps to collect reliable information and the pooled data is then added to their database. The company implies feet-on-street every two to three months to collect up-to-date information.

Feet-On-Street Marketing by BYJU’S 

BYJU’S, India’s largest ed-tech company, has proven the effectiveness of feet on the street marketing, setting a feet on the street activity example. Recently BYJU’S has entirely plunged into the direct foot outreach tactic to sell the education-technology company’s product. With their executives directly conducting home-to-home visits to collect data and create awareness among the parents on the BYJU’S APP. They also conduct school/college campaigns to promote their products widely.

BYJU’S started its feet-on-the-street initiative in Bengaluru before expanding to Hubballi, Dharwad, and Mysuru. As they began their feet-on-street campaigns, their profit mounted from 40% to 90%, triggering them to scale up the feet-on-street model further aggressively.

Advantages of Outsourcing Feet-On-Street Services

Having understood the method of feet on the street marketing, you will feel it’s a cakewalk to go around, locate the customers, meet them and gather the information you require. When it comes to the actual scenario, it’s not the same.

Assigning the in-house sales team for the feet-on-street activity would not be a good idea as it would affect your business’s other sales and marketing activities. Locating the customers and gathering accurate data requires a well-trained sales crew. Outsourcing the feet on the street marketing would help you save time and dedicate your sales time to boost other business activities.

The cost of outsourcing feet-on-street marketing would be less expensive than training the in-house sales team to conduct the process. Agencies providing feet-on-street services would have an experienced team that would professionally perform the task.

Feet-On-Street Services by AD Vantage Marketing

AD Vantage Marketing aims to help brands maximize their outreach with the industry’s best street team. ADVAN has peculiar feet-on-the-street sales strategy to get the audience pulled to itself. We successfully conducted feet-on street marketing for our prestigious clients like Apollo Tyres and NBC Bearings, which helped them acquire plenty of customer data to shoulder their database. The hike in the sales of our satisfied clients reflects ADVAN’s dynamic, proactive, and strategically positioned feet on the street marketing team.

We have a stellar feet-on-street marketing team to fulfill the needs of our clientele and gather high-quality customer information for their businesses. ADVAN provides customized feet-on-street services as per the business demands and the customer requirements. We plan and scatter our exclusive team to seamlessly collect customer details for our clients based on the geographical location.

AD Vantage has a cluster of sales techniques to help brands reach very powerfully, making them think from the heart and mind. Are you looking for the best feet-on-street agency in India to help you with data-driven feet-on-street services? Contact AD Vantage for end-to-end marketing and AD solutions.


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