AD Vantage Integrated Marketing Empowers Young Women Entrepreneurs Through Ground Activation

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Case Study

About the Client

“Going to School” is an innovative NGO that stands at the forefront of educational reform for young women in underserved communities. Their flagship initiative, the Youth Venture Fund, is dedicated to funding young women entrepreneurs with business ideas that address climate change, thus combining empowerment with environmental sustainability.

About the Campaign

The ground Activation campaign, executed by AD Vantage, aimed to enroll interested women candidates in the Youth Venture Fund’s 100-day B-School Program. This distinctive educational program targets young women aged 18-25 from low-income families in Bengaluru, offering an unparalleled opportunity to learn sustainable enterprise skills in real-world environments such as market places, enterprises, and manufacturing facilities, under the guidance of seasoned B-School professors.


The campaign’s goal was to register 500 to 1000 young women for the B-School program by March 13, 2023, facilitating their participation in this exceptional educational journey.

Target Audience

The focus was on women aged 18-25 from low-income families, specifically residing in slums and underprivileged areas of Bengaluru.


Key challenges included organizing women in targeted areas, effectively communicating the program’s benefits, and identifying candidates genuinely interested in entrepreneurship and climate change solutions.


To tackle these challenges, AD Vantage deployed five teams of 2-3 promoters to various government colleges and slum areas across the city to facilitate registrations.


A strategic move was partnering with local guides. These guides were instrumental in navigating the targeted communities, allowing the teams to reach and communicate with potential participants effectively.


The campaign was strategically rolled out in Bengaluru, incorporating a telecalling team to verify the registrations, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.


With strategic planning and focused marketing efforts, AD Vantage successfully achieved its goal of completing the targeted number of registrations within the time frame. This accomplishment highlights AD Vantage’s ability to drive tangible results and make a meaningful impact with ground activation.


The ground activation campaign by AD Vantage for “Going to School” NGO’s Youth Venture Fund marks a significant step towards empowering young women through education in sustainable enterprise. By overcoming considerable outreach challenges and utilizing local knowledge and resources, the campaign has opened doors for countless young women to learn, innovate, and potentially lead in the fight against climate change.

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