Ground Activation for Muvin- The Neobank for the Teenagers

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Case Study





Finance (Neobanking)


PAN India

Client Profile

Muvin is a neobank focusing on providing digital financial inclusion and financial literacy to the Indian youth. The mission of Muvin is to make the youth financially responsible and independent. Muvin has launched a stunning app for the Indian youth to make payments, track their spending, and gain financial management skills.


To spread brand awareness among college students about the Muvin app.


Ground Activation

Hypothesis for Strategy

With a team of smart promoters, AD Vantage did a massive ground activation by interacting with the college students PAN India aged 18-24. The team enlightened the teenagers on the importance of financial independence and how the Muvin app helps them achieve it. With the ad campaigns, AD Vantage encouraged college students to install the Muvin app.

Impact and Results

With our consistent ad campaign activity, we could achieve the target given by the client way before the deadline. AD Vantage team was able to educate college students all over India about managing money using the innovative application launched by Muvin.

Short Term Goals

To create awareness about Muvin and its app with fruitful ad campaigns all over India.

Long Term Goals

To escalate the reach of Muvin among the youth of India, helping them in efficient budgeting and money management.



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