AD Vantage Takes Hogar Controls to the Customers with In-store Branding

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Case Study

The Product

Hogar Controls, an international IoT business was established in 2015. The products of Hogar are exclusively designed for daily use with high-sensitivity sensors, responding to the users’ touch commands. With a global network of sales, service, and support centres and more than a decade of experience in building smart home solutions, Hogar has repeatedly revolutionised the sector.


In the field of home automation, Hogar Controls had established a solid foundation. Customers may get a first-hand look at living in a smart home at the brand’s experience centre, which is home to a carefully chosen selection of smart home devices and solutions. The business has expanded rapidly, adding Dubai, Doha, Oman, the Middle East, Singapore, Thailand, London, France, Netherlands, and Lagos to its presence in addition to the United States and India.

However, Hogar Controls is often considered as a brand for the creamy layer. With creative and eye-catching in-store branding strategies, AD Vantage exposed the Hogar products to the customers as affordable and easy to use. Each in-store branding element designed by AD Vantage added to the brand recognition and product awareness.


  • To increase the visibility of Hogar showrooms where shoppers have an experience of discovering smart-home products.
  • To conduct extensive in-store branding for Hogar showrooms, fine tuning with the brand’s business goal and sales target.

Target Audience

  • The target audience were the general public in Bengaluru who wanted to experiment smart-home ideas for their dream spaces.
  • The instore branding particularly focused the tech-savvy customers to whom the brand needed to have a good reach.


Bengaluru, Karnataka


  • To trigger the customers who are in the verge of transition to smart homes to visit the retail store and explore the products.
  • To introduce the multitude range of products of the brand to the public.
  • To educate the customers about the affordability of the products of Hogar Controls.
  • To inculcate that the products of Hogar Controls are user-friendly.


Retail branding team of AD Vantage designed customised in-store branding for the Hogar showrooms, with keen focus on brand awareness and product education.


AD Vantage had delivered flashy in-shop branding services for three Hogar showrooms in Bengaluru in the below mentioned locations.

  • HSR Layout
  • Rajaji Nagar
  • Jayanagar


AD Vantage groomed the Hogar retail stores with the following creative in-store branding elements.


Our signages were created stunningly to generate curiosity and encourage customers to visit the store. The 2D signages showcased the brand to the customers, thereby improving the aesthetics of the Hogar showrooms.

Wall Branding


The wall graphics executed by AD Vantage reinforced the brand and impacted on customers’ engagement inside the stores.

Window Graphics


Our window graphics communicated Hogar’s business message on the exterior or interior partitions and glass windows.

Standees & Flex Printing


The standees perfectly dovetailed with the brand value, creating a strong brand recall in the customers.

Glass Branding


Glass branding reflected the product range of Hogar, educating the customers about the smart-home options they receive from the brand.



  • In-store branding done by AD Vantage grabbed the attention of customers immediately, and enticed them to visit the showrooms.
  • The customers could understand and experience the Hogar smart-home products, which triggered immediate purchases and bulk orders.
  • The foot traffic of the showrooms increased by 80% with the in-store branding strategies of AD Vantage.
  • The ROI of the target retail stores escalated from 5% to 45%.


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