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Indoor Advertising Media

A design so unique & classy, what if it’s created just to advertise your brand? AD Vantage Integrated Marketing does it with its smashing interior advertising ideas. Being one of those headmost indoor advertising agencies in India, we are sure of how to embrace the real power of creative indoor advertising ideas. Our indoor advertising rates are graded as the best in the industry.

Through different types of indoor advertising media strategies, AD Vantage can change your game by speaking to your customers.


Indoor Advertising Agency

Are you striving to engage and interact with your customers? Reach out and find the right assets with AD Vantage’s huge list of indoor advertising tactics. We have transformed the paradigm of indoor advertising in India with our unique strategies.

Want to know what’s our secret weapon? Your brand, its message, and our extraordinary indoor marketing ideas. We would make it a perfect combo and set indoor advertising examples in the marketplace. AD Vantage indoor advertising in malls & public places will make your brand roar.


Data Science

AD Vantage believes that data science could create wonders in crafting indoor advertisements like billboard advertising.

Noble Strategies

We follow dynamic strategies like indoor advertising mockups that will realistically present your indoor ad design.

Novel Technology

AD Vantage serves the advertising industry with the latest digital technologies and provides compelling indoor ad designs.

Quality & Standard

Our indoor ads’ quality is where our clients advocate for us. High-quality indoor advertising products are our signature.

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Our Projects

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Our Projects


In-Store Branding

We focus on your brand’s ‘Why’ that would pull your customers to opt for your brand over your competitors. With us, your in-store branding is sound.

Product Sampling

Spread the word about your product and let your customers try it. With unique product sampling, we help businesses reach their customers.


We design stunning indoor signages, indoor billboard advertising, and indoor advertising banners that invite the customers to your business.

Bus/Metro Interior Ads

Are you ready to grab the customers with electrifying interior transit advertising? Join us for the best interior bus ads and metro ads for your brand.

Branding in Lift/Escalator

Looking to add a buzz to your brand promotion? We design radiant elevator & escalator stickers that reflect your brand’s story with a twist.

Glow Sign Boards

With eye-popping glow sign boards, entice your customers once they step into your store. Our products will make your store more glitzy.

Aisle Branding

AD Vantage creates stunning stand-out displays that break through the traffic flow of the customers and engage them to the core.

Back Lit Panel

Don’t leave your brand in the dark, let it glow and broadcast itself. We design vibrant back lit panels customized to get your brand to the limelight.

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