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Are you in search of exclusive indoor advertising ideas for your business? This blog will take you to the world of indoor ad strategies from AD Vantage that can befit your business in all verticals. Before that, let us understand more about indoor ads.

What is indoor advertising?

A form of advertising where messages and alerts about products, events, or services are displayed inside a controlled, confined space is known as indoor advertising. Indoor advertising displays your messages or products in restricted areas like supermarkets, cafes, restrooms, bus stations, and educational institutions. It fosters an environment where customers can quickly recognize your brand and products.

Indoor Advertising Ideas for Your Business

There are different types of indoor advertising media that can magnify your foot traffic, sales, and ROI to greater heights. All you have to understand is the right indoor advertising idea that can seek your customers’ attention and follow them in a retail area.

The right indoor advertising strategy can communicate the brand message to your customers and show them how your products and services stand out from your competitors. There are no hard and fast rules for indoor advertising. You can pool up different strategies to come to the limelight.

How do you discover the apt indoor advertising idea to increase your sales? AD Vantage Integrated Marketing gets you the best indoor advertising and new ideas that can help you reach your customers in no time.

Retail Digital Screens and Charging Stations

Many physical stores attract more customers with the usage of intelligent digital technologies in their in-store processes. When the customers stop and use the retail charging station, that would be the perfect time for your business to communicate with them about your products.

You can utilize retail digital screens and charging stations throughout your shop space. This would display advertisements, promotions, offers, or any other message you wish to get through.

You may easily display dynamic material on digital signages and retail charging stations to engage customers and improve their shopping experiences. The eye-catching and attention-grabbing nature of retail digital screens makes them crucial for educating retail customers and creating brand awareness.

Retail digital screens and charging stations are compact and sleek in design and can be accommodated even in small retail spaces. They are flexible in designing and content, and the maintenance cost will be comparatively lesser.

Flex Blades

Flex blades or feather-flag banners are among the ideal indoor advertising ideas to draw customers and promote your business in an indoor space. The main attraction is that they are lightweight and effortless to move from one place to another

Flex blades can be customized as per the budget in different sizes, types, and quality. They can accommodate catchy ads and promotions on both sides and can be utilized in the best way.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are nothing but a type of floor advertising using strong laminates and specialized adhesives carrying the advertising elements or messages. Floor graphic films are a fantastic way to guide customers inside the store, where a graphic advertisement on the floor can assist in promoting your company.

Floor wraps have the power to change the ambiance of an interior space, going beyond navigation and marketing opportunities. They can withstand being walked on and will be an excellent tool for communication with the customers as they explore your retail space.

Floor graphics can be customized into 2D and 3D designs, making it attention-grabbing even inside a confined retail space.

Promotional Stands

Promotional stands are a transportable form of advertising that you may put where it will be most effective. They immediately attract attention since they present information at eye level. Customers can learn vital information about your products, services, or brand from indoor promotional display signages or stands.

Promotional stands stand out and catch the attention of the customers inside any retail store. Let’s find out some of the options in promotional stands that could be transformed into creative indoor advertising ideas.

  • Counter Displays
  • COVID Sanitizing Displays
  • Roll Up Standees
  • Literature Racks
  • Monitor Stand Kiosk
  • Point of Purchase Display
  • Tower Displays

Light Boxes

The light box display is one of the most effective advertising tools now in use. A promotional poster or business sign displayed in a display light box uses colour and light to draw the attention of potential customers.

Indoor LED lightboxes are a great way to attract potential customers’ attention in various settings, including stores, showrooms, shopping malls, and restaurants.

Colourful LED light boxes make pictures come to life and are especially good at increasing consumer awareness of goods and signs. The ability of customers to swiftly and efficiently view all in-store marketing and advertising initiatives is their most crucial benefit.

Escalator Advertising

Installing graphics on the escalator’s body to promote a brand or company is known as escalator indoor branding. Escalator Step Branding is a straightforward yet ground-breaking innovation that provides advertisers immediate access to their target market through creative, pocket-friendly indoor advertising ideas.

Advertising on escalator handrails is a fun and creative method to reach millions of people with your message. Escalator advertising can be extensively used as it offers 24 hours exposure to your brand. Another advantage is that multiple brands and messages can be displayed simultaneously in escalator branding and easily captures the attention of the audience, even before they reach the retail space.

Elevator Advertising

Elevator branding is a tried-and-true advertising tactic. This is because each resident or person in the elevator will be exposed to the brand in a closed setting. A fantastic way to engage with your audience is by creating unique and eye-catching branded lift graphics that reflect and promote your brand.

Since elevator passenger is a captive audience, they will immediately recognize the brand. Customers may receive multiple brand impressions with lift branding, enticing them to discover more.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

Obviously, the main difference is that outdoor ads are positioned in outdoor spaces, whereas indoor advertising takes place in confined interior spaces. Beyond the placement location, the target audience is entirely different for outdoor vs. indoor ads.

In outdoor advertising strategies, a broad audience is targeted irrespective of age, gender, or product preferences. On the other hand, indoor advertainments are designed and positioned perfectly to target a specific group of audience.

For instance, when you place your male grooming product in a male beauty salon, obviously, your product is targeted only to the potential customers. This is an example of indoor advertising where you rightly target your customers.

Outdoor ads will be exposed to the audience who may be aware of or new to your brand. Indoor ads will be targeted to customers who already know about your business but need additional information on specific products. An indoor ad about a new dish in a restaurant, the opening of a new branch, etc., are such indoor advertising examples.

Indoor Advertising Advantages 

Why is indoor advertising important? Let us discuss the advantages of indoor advertising that make it a better choice for many businesses, irrespective of their size.

Engaged Audience

Compared to other forms of advertising, like outdoor ads, indoor advertising is an ideal strategy to engage the audience. The main reason behind this is the scope of catchy ads placed in a confined space attracting customers to a greater extent.

Unlike outdoor advertisements, indoor ads do not face the risk of severe distractions to the audience. Inside a shopping mall or a retail store, the customers will be in a shopping mode, ready to explore and experience the business and the products. Indoor advertisements trigger this shopping instinct with creative and distinct indoor advertising ideas.

Guaranteed Impression

Indoor advertisements can guarantee impression because of the advantage of a closed space where the customers will be exposed to the advertisements without fail.

Less Competition

Indoor advertisements will face less competition when compared to outdoor ads, where your business ad should compete with hundreds of competitors in the same geographical location. This may divert your potential customers from your business and switch to your counterparts

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is another advantage of indoor advertisements, where the business can specifically target an audience group. Targeted pushing of the indoor ads could be based on the age, gender, and product interests.

High Recall Rate

The recall rate of indoor advertisements would be higher as the audience is repeatedly exposed to the same business promotion in a particular space. This is very advantageous in stimulating immediate purchase decisions, thereby increasing the sales and ROI of the business.


The cost of installing and maintaining an indoor ad would be lesser when compared to outdoor ads that needs periodic maintenance due to factors like weather impact. Indoor advertisements could be customized and designed in any forms depending upon the indoor space available and the overall retail store design.

Increased Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be elevated to a large extent with perfectly executed indoor advertising ideas. Eye-catching indoor ads, syncing with the overall retail design and other factors like LED, would help to create brand recognition among the audience.

To conclude, indoor advertising is the marketing statement that will help you grab attention and increase those sales figures. With tailored indoor advertising ideas 2023, you can meet the audiences with customized messaging and brand recognition.

Strategically designed and positioned indoor ads can rocket your foot traffic and sales of your business. All you have to do is seek the service of an indoor advertising company for the task. AD Vantage provides a wide range of indoor advertising services to esteemed brands pan India. We offer high-quality indoor ads with superior and budget-friendly materials.


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