Muvin Finmania Becomes Luminous with AD Vantage Integrated Marketing

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Finance (Neobanking)


Bengaluru, Karnataka

Client Profile

Muvin is a neobank focusing on providing digital financial inclusion and financial literacy to the Indian youth. The mission of Muvin is to make the youth financially responsible and independent. Muvin has launched a valuable app for the Indian youth to make payments, track their spending, and gain financial management skills.


After making Muvin’s ground activation, a grand success, AD Vantage tied up with the brand for the second level of activation campaign. This time it was for Muvin’s Finmania, India’s biggest finance Olympiad for students. AD Vantage was also involved in activation campaigns in apartments, targeting the public and help them gaining awareness about Finmania.


Activation campaigns using kiosks, standees, flyer distribution and newspaper inserts.

Hypothesis for Strategy

With the ground activation of Muvin conducted in September 2022, AD Vantage could create a huge impact among the teenagers, triggering them to install the app. The next level of activation was conducted with the aim of creating awareness about Finmania, a unique quiz program conducted for the 7th-12th grade students pan India. The activation was conducted at three levels including school activation, apartment activation and newspaper inserts.

As a part of the school activation campaign, our promoters visited the following schools

  • Joseph school
  • Bishop Cotton Public School
  • Christ School
  • Baldwin Boys High School

Flyers about Finmania were distributed to the students, through which we could elicit a meaningful interaction with the school students. With the activation AD Vantage’s promoters educated them about Muvin Finmania, encouraging them to install the Muvin application. Our promoters explained about the curriculum to be focused in preparation for the Finmania Olympiad.

The activation campaign also had another motto of creating brand awareness among the public at the apartment levels. AD Vantage conducted a pre awareness camp in apartments through their active WhatsApp and  e-mail groups. With kiosks and standees, the promoters of AD Vantage could create awareness about Muvin Finmania and about the enrollment procedure.

The third level of the Muvin Finmania activation was through newspaper inserts. We distributed 30,000 newspaper inserts in areas like Koramangala, HSR Layout, Whitefield, Electronic City, Malleshwaram etc.

Impact and Results

With the effective second level activation campaigns conducted at the school and apartment levels, AD Vantage was able to make the school students and the general public aware about Muvin Finmania. As a result of the activation programs, more school students had installed the trending Neobanking application, being aware of financial independence.

Short Term Goals

To create awareness about Muvin Finmania and to make the school students participate in India’s biggest finance Olympiad.

Long Term Goals

To cultivate the importance of financial independence in the teenagers and to make more customers use Muvin. Our ultimate goal is to make the teenagers financially stable through Muvin, making the brand the No:1 Neobanking application in India.


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