Outdoor and Indoor Advertising: How to Choose the Right One?

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Outdoor ads convey brand messages and announcements on outdoor premises and to a broader group of audience. Indoor advertisements, on the other hand, do the same job in controlled indoor spaces to a comparatively small cluster of audience.

Do you know when and how to choose the right one for your business? Why use outdoor advertising or indoor advertising?

Let’s find in detail when to go for outdoor and indoor advertising and how to choose the right advertising strategy to take your business to your potential customers.

Outdoor and Indoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising could be in the form of billboards, banners, awnings, neon signs, road signs, posters, or flags. They are placed in strategic locations with high chances of visibility, and they spread brand awareness among the audience who pass by.

Indoor ads are the advertisements and brand announcements that you regularly come across at supermarkets, shopping malls, restrooms, retail shops, bus stations, etc. Indoor advertisements reach the customers directly without many distractions as the placement location is confined. Glow sign boards, signages, and aisle branding are all examples of indoor advertising.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Advertising: How to Pick?

The answer to this query will differ for each business according to the following five factors.

  • Product/service
  • Business goal
  • Brand awareness
  • Target audience
  • Budget

Once you are sure about the niche of your target customers and how to make them come close to your brand, you are half done. Analyze the business objectives and budget the advertisement. When you identify what would influence and trigger your customers for a purchase, you can understand if outdoor or indoor ads will help you out.

Outdoor and Indoor advertising have different audience and goals. Another difference between indoor and outdoor advertising is that they are both designed to blend perfectly with the target placement location.

To make it more straightforward, imagine a massive billboard designed with a light background and tiny fonts. Will your eyes stick to that billboard? Outdoor ads are designed so that in design, dimensions, and content, it is eye-catching and leaves a message to the audience.

When you place an indoor ad inside a shopping mall or retail shop, it should be customised and designed as per the target audience you expect to encounter, the lighting of the premise, and traffic flow.


What’s your product or service about which you want to speak to the public? Your product or service is your business’s prime focus; never overlook it when you think of outdoor and indoor advertising.

Do you want to take your product/service to audience of different locations? The best option would be outdoor transit ads in the form of bus wraps or taxi wraps. Experts suggest that services can be better focused on outdoor advertisements than indoor ads.

Indoor advertising can spread brand awareness to customers without having many distractions. If you intend to take your product closer to your customers or tell them about new launches, indoor ads can get you a good reach.

Business Goal

The main agenda before you select the types of indoor and outdoor advertising should be your business goal. How fast and precise do you want to reach the marketplace? What is the ultimate business goal behind your advertising?

When you are new to the market and want to let the public know about you, outdoor ads can benefit you more. Indoor ads may not talk loud about someone new like you.

The advantage of outdoor ads for new businesses is that they create constant noise, grabbing the public’s attention. Gigantic billboards, hoardings, and transit ads can make your brand voice more precise and transparent than indoor advertising strategies.

Brand Awareness

The average consumer, who may or may not already know about the brand, is the critical audience for outdoor advertising. It depends on grabbing someone’s attention when they’re walking by and holding it despite other distracting situations.

Because it targets a large audience, outdoor advertising is more effective for broad messaging, branding, and support campaigns.

Indoor advertising, on the other hand, focuses on clients who have already committed to the brand and want additional details about the product or service.

To make it crisp, outdoor advertising’s primary objective is often to raise early awareness about a business. Establishing or generating top-of-mind awareness is the aim of indoor advertising.

Target Audience

Outdoor and indoor advertising can be used as per the audience you want to meet through your advertisement.

Outdoor ads can be taken to a random group of broader audience irrespective of age, gender, occupation, etc. On the flip side, when you do indoor advertising, it reaches a narrow cluster of audience.

For instance, if your product is a male grooming product used by youngsters, going for an outdoor ad may take your product to all age groups and gender. However, if you opt for an indoor advertisement in a gent’s saloon, the awareness about your product may reach the right audience, thereby triggering sales.


What is the budget for advertising your business? Decide it first before you think of indoor and outdoor advertising media. The cost of traditional indoor and outdoor ads will be comparatively pocket-friendly than the digital billboards and LED signages.

Make sure you do budgeting, depending upon your business size, before selecting an indoor or outdoor advertisement strategy.

Both outdoor and indoor advertising offers flexible solutions for companies of all sizes and sectors. Fix your budget and go for an advertising strategy that can be tailored to fit your marketing budget while extending your reach to a broader audience.

Before choosing an advertising strategy, it is best to assess the unique requirements of your business because different advertising approaches are more effective for various business sectors. Analyze the difference between outdoor and indoor advertising and go for the one that would befit your business.

Creating eye-catching advertising can cost your business money, time, and energy. Whatever strategy you implement, it needs to be noticeable to the engaged audience. You must provide your audience with the necessary brand information without placing an undue burden on their minds.

Remember that your target audience is constantly on the go, and you will get just fractions of seconds to grab their attention.

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