Retail Designing by AD Vantage for Revolt Showrooms in India: A Detailed Case Study

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AD Vantage retail designing agency was tasked with creating a comprehensive in-store branding solution for Revolt Motors, a prominent electric vehicle company in India. The project aimed to elevate the brand’s image and generate customer interest, ultimately leading to increased sales. This case study details the objectives, challenges, solutions, execution, and outcomes of the branding efforts made by AD Vantage for the client.


  • The primary objective of the project was to create a unique and immersive in-store experience for Revolt Motors showrooms that would differentiate them from competitors and provide customers with a memorable buying experience.
  • The secondary objective was to enhance brand visibility and awareness by integrating various branding elements in the showroom space.


  • Differentiating Revolt Motors showrooms from competitors while maintaining the brand’s core values.
  • Creating a seamless integration of branding elements and functional space within the showroom.
  • Implementing the branding solution across multiple locations while maintaining consistency in design and execution.


The following retail designing approaches were employed to overcome the challenges:

  • Collaborative planning of AD Vantage Integrated Marketing with the client.
  • Designing innovative and interactive retail design elements.


AD Vantage’s solution comprised of various components that focused on creating a visually appealing and engaging environment for customers. Key aspects of the solution included signage boards, customized furniture, fabric box work, bike display units, product display units, lighting, flooring, Cafe Revolt, and facade works.


Signage Boards


AD Vantage designed and installed eye-catching and illuminated signage boards with acrylic letters, both inside and outside the showrooms. It effectively showcased the brand identity and product offerings.

Signage boards from AD Vantage helped to establish and reinforce the brand identity of the client, making it easier for customers to identify and locate the business. Placing informative signage near each bike, highlighted key specifications, features, and pricing. It helped customers make informed decisions and provides a better understanding of the product offerings.

Customized Furniture

AD Vantage ensured that there was a dedicated space within the bike display area for customers to consult with sales representatives and discuss their needs. This retail space was designed comfortable and inviting with customised furniture, encouraging customers to take their time and explore their options.

AD Vantage created custom furniture pieces that complemented the overall showroom design, promoting a cohesive brand experience and providing comfortable seating areas for customers. Attractive counter desks, and designer chairs were placed that enhanced the overall customer experience inside the showrooms.

Fabric Light Boxes


AD Vantage utilized fabric box work to create innovative and visually striking wall art, which helped to highlight Revolt Motors’ brand values and create a visually compelling environment. AD Vantage engineered fabric light boxes of different dimensions with aluminium clip on fabric frame consisting of LED modules.

AD Vantage’s fabric light boxes added texture and visual interest to the retail space. The colors and patterns of the fabric complemented the brand theme and helped to create a cohesive and visually appealing space. The versatile elements added both functionality and style to the Revolt showrooms.

Product Display Units


AD Vantage designed and installed custom product display stand for kiosk that showcased Revolt Motors’ electric vehicles and accessories in an engaging and accessible manner.

‘Revolt Gear Up’ back wall panel was crafted exclusively to highlight the Revolt accessories. Hanging lights were added that enhanced the overall look of the product display unit in the showrooms.

‘Know Your Revolt’ back wall panel was typically made from high-quality aluminum/iron support with customised hanging lights. The backwall panel exclusively showcased the Revolt bike accessories to the customers.

Sunboard letters with Duco paint and fixing in the product display units was massively bringing the Revolt products and accessories to the limelight.

Incorporating accessories and merchandise displays within the bike display area, allowed customers to visualize how they can personalize their bikes. It also promoted cross-selling opportunities for the showroom.

Bike Display Units


Creating an effective bike display inside a showroom played a crucial role in attracting customers and showcasing the range of products available. Zoning and layout effectively divided the showroom space into distinct zones dedicated to specific product categories, such as electric bikes, sports bikes, and accessories. It helped customers navigate the showroom and find the products they’re interested in more efficiently.

Using display stands and platforms to showcase the bikes at different heights and angles, created a visual interest, allowing customers to view the bikes from various perspectives. Hanging lights added extra charm to the bike display units, enhancing the aesthetics of the showrooms.

Cafe Revolt


AD Vantage conceptualized and executed Cafe Revolt, a unique space within the showroom where customers could relax and enjoy refreshments, further enhancing the overall customer experience. Café Revolt offers coffee, tea, and light bites in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that is designed to complement the brand’s values of sustainability and innovation.

AD Vantage executed comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and charging stations for customers’ laptops and mobile devices. The goal of AD Vantage while designing Café Revolt was to provide customers with a unique and memorable experience that aligned with Revolt Motors’ brand identity.

By offering a space for customers to connect with others and learn about the brand’s products, AD Vantage space design agency provided a space for customers to relax, recharge, and connect, while learning more about Revolt’s products and mission.

Back Wall in the Reception


AD Vantage created a visually appealing backwall in the reception area with an eye-catching Revolt logo. The acrylic letters used for the logo design complemented the overall design and contributed to the showroom’s inviting atmosphere. The cool grey painting of the showroom walls dovetailed with the brand theme.


The retail lighting solution was carefully designed to accentuate the products and create an inviting atmosphere, using a combination of workshop lights and LED tube lights. Implementing a strategic lighting plan accentuated the bikes and highlights their unique features.

Using a combination of ambient, accent, and task lighting created a visually appealing environment. Spotlights and track lighting were used to focus on specific bikes or product features, while ambient lighting ensured a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Facade Works

AD Vantage ensured that the exterior of the showroom was visually appealing and aligned with the brand’s identity. AD Vantage implemented facade works using ACP sheets with LED modules that included branding elements, lighting, and attractive design features. MS iron frame ACP cladding was used at the bottom front of the showrooms.


AD Vantage’s retail designing efforts for Revolt Motors in India resulted in several positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced brand visibility and recognition, leading to increased footfall in showrooms.
  • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction, resulting from the immersive and unique in-store experience.
  • Increased sales, driven by the showroom’s visually appealing and accessible product displays.
  • A cohesive and consistent brand experience across multiple showroom locations, solidifying Revolt Motors’ identity in the Indian market.


The retail designing strategies executed by AD Vantage for Revolt Motors showrooms in India successfully achieved its objectives by creating a unique and immersive customer experience that set the brand apart from competitors.

The retail designing done by AD Vantage Marketing Agency for Revolt Motors highlights the importance of creating an engaging and immersive retail environment to enhance customer experience.

The agency’s strategic approach to integrating various branding elements, such as signage boards, customized furniture, fabric box work, product display units, lighting, flooring, Cafe Revolt, and facade works, resulted in a cohesive and engaging showroom environment that enhanced brand visibility.

The strategic approach of AD Vantage to retail design, which focused on incorporating customer feedback and insights into the design process, ensured that the final design resonated with the target audience and met their needs and preferences.

Overall, the success of the retail design project undertaken by AD Vantage Integrated Marketing for Revolt Motors demonstrates the crucial role that thoughtful and strategic retail design can play in creating a memorable and impactful customer experience, and ultimately driving business growth.


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