How Transit Advertising can Boost Brand Engagement?

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After a long and tiring day at work, you are commuting back home. What if you get into the metro and see a gigantic ad of your favorite burger? It will undoubtedly be delectable and tempting to eat. This is how transit advertising works.

This blog talks about transit ads in detail, giving you insights into the importance of transit media advertising in brand engagement. Let us get started with the transit advertising definition.

What is Transit Advertising?

Transit advertising is a form of advertising in public transportation, including buses, cabs, trains, autos, tricycles, and subways. Advertisements placed in transit stations such as bus stops, subway entrances, gas stations, and other locations are also included in transit media advertising.

Transit advertising is best described as billboards on wheels, and it is a method to capture the attention of the public, as they allow better brand engagement. As per the transit advertising statistics in the United Kingdom, 3 – 61% of the customers had seen ads on buses within the last seven days.

The history of transit advertising takes us back to 1850, when you can find the first documented evidence of transit advertising. The first-panel sign attached to the outside of streetcars was discovered in New York City for the local department store, Lord & Taylor.

Graphics, plain text, or other visual information can be used in transit advertising. In fact, some brands use digital advertisements displayed on LCD screens or plasma screens strategically positioned inside buses or trains.

Which is an Example of Transit Advertising?

As a part of their Blue Billion Campaign, PEPSICO painted train exteriors in their brand colour. Kurkure Express Trains was another campaign that involved the train decorated with artwork by art students based on their interpretations of consumers’ passion for Kurkure, both on the outside and inside.

Brands like Airtel, Western Union Holdings Inc., UTI Bank, Sony Television, and Hindustan Unilever have painted their brand colours on rail coaches. Other brands like Garnier, a part of the L’Oréal brand, promote their hair care products on railway tickets and reservation charts.

Vodafone, Idea, Nestle, Cadbury, Parle, Amul etc. are a few examples of other brands exploring the best possible out of transit advertising in buses, bus shelters, subways, etc., to grab the attention of the customers all over India.

All the transit advertising examples mentioned above stand independently or as a part of a unique campaign. Established brands investing in outdoor transit advertising indicate the potential of mediums like the Indian Railways in spreading brand awareness and brand message.

Types of Transit Advertising

How many major types of transit advertising are there? In general, transit advertising comprises both indoor and outdoor advertisements. Indoor transit advertising is displayed inside buses, metros, and other transit shelters, while outdoor transit advertising refers to advertisements displayed on the exteriors.

Any transit vehicle or transit shelter could be creatively utilized for transit advertising. The below- mentioned are the important types of outdoor transit ads trending in India.

  • Cycle Advertising
  • E-Rickshaw Advertising
  • Auto Rickshaw Advertising
  • Tricycle Advertising
  • Rickshaw Advertising
  • Bike Advertising
  • Bus Advertising
  • Mobile Van Advertising
  • Cab Advertising
  • Truck Advertising
  • Train Advertising
  • Bus Shelter Advertising
  • Subway Advertising

Why Transit Advertising is Effective?

Transit advertising effectiveness lies in the fact that it can provide your products or services with constant exposure. Furthermore, it acts as a moving billboard that your audience may not be able to ignore.

Transit advertising in business ensures that your brand reaches the customers at the right time, without them getting diverted from the product. In a variety of designs and sizes, transit advertising broadcast advertising messages to thousands of motorists and pedestrians.

Why is Transit Advertising Important?

Isn’t it tough to turn your back and ignore when you see a 15-ton bus with eye-catching decorations and brand logos? That is the importance of transit advertising. Outdoor transit ads are sure to invite the attention of the public and leave a lasting impression.

The message you convey with your transit ads will be viewed numerous times a day as the transit vehicle moves around, making it memorable. Transit advertising is especially suitable for reaching all types of audiences, which makes it a top pick outdoor advertising strategy.

How to Use Transit Advertising?

The significant highlight of transit advertising is that, unlike other ads, it takes the shape of the medium where it is placed. The flexibility lies in the shape and the layout of the design.

Transit ads can be used in the following ways.

King and queen signs: The transit ad is placed on the side of the transit vehicles.

Tail signs:  The ads are mounted on the back of the transit vehicles.

Wrap signs: The entire exterior of the transit vehicle is either partially or fully wrapped by the advertisement.

Window branding: Transit advertising is done on the window shield of the vehicle, especially buses.

Transit Advertising Advantages and Disadvantages

The following are the pros and cons of transit advertising. You may find that the advantages of this advertising itself becomes the advantage under certain circumstances.

Advantages of Transit Ads

  • Massive Coverage:

As discussed earlier, transit advertisements provide better exposure to the brand message. As the transit vehicles cover so many places, it is like your ad following the majority of your potential customers.

  • Geographic Advantage:

The business can select the area where their ads should meet the customers with transit advertising. Advertising in vehicles that cover a particular location enables the business to cover the targeted audience.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

Transit advertising is budget-friendly advertising, especially for small businesses. As per the budget allocation, they can choose the transit medium where the advertisement needs to be placed.

  • Better Exposure:

Customers cannot zap, ignore, or turn off a transit ad. Transit advertising never gets unnoticed and reaches the public more effectively.

Disadvantages of Transit Ads

  • Limitations in Reach:

The transit vehicles may move around, taking the brand to the public. At the same time, the brand message is transmitted only to those people who use transportation and transit shelters for their day-to-day travel. Hence transit advertisements may have limited reach.

  • Changes in the Route of the Public Transit Vehicles:

The business engaging in bus advertising may have a target geographic location. However,

changes in the bus route are beyond the business’s control once the advertising is over.

This may affect the reach of the brand to a target local audience.

  • The Mood of the Audience:

The extent of the reach of the transit add may vary depending upon the mood of the customers. The audience may feel bored with the repetitive scene of the transit ad throughout their journey, creating a negative effect.

  • Limitations in Design:

Unlike other outdoor advertisement methods like hoardings or billboards, transit ads have limited space available to express the brand message. This makes it mandatory to design transit ads with limited characters and other elements.

Scope of Transit Advertising in India

Transit advertising in India has witnessed enormous evolution, going hand-in-hand with the development in transportation. The scope of transit advertising in the country is more, as the majority of the population uses public transport like buses and metros for their day-to-day commutation. Collecting audience measurement data and assessing the reach of transit advertising was considered nearly impossible in the previous decade. With advanced methods, the reach of your transit ad can be measured effectively.

Though all types of businesses in India are trying their hands at outdoor transit ads, local businesses engage their customers more effectively. This is because transit advertising in public transportation and transit shelters attracts the local audience. Though the time spent by a viewer on the transit ad would be only a few seconds, with effective transit ad design and text, it can grab the mind of potential customers.

COVID- Lockdown restrictions impacted the advertising industry across the country, limiting human mobility and daily operations. People are eager to explore the country after the pandemic. Customers have become weary of seeing the same digital ads over the last two years, which presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to invest in transit advertising.

A wide range of transit advertising products is being experimented with for outdoor transit ads in India. AD Vantage Marketing is the best transit advertising agency in India that provides high-quality transit ads services to clients.

Many advertisers believe that transit advertising fails to deliver the brand message. With our transit ads, we have proved that creative transit ads can reach its customers within no time. We help our clients not only in designing unique transit ads but also in the monitoring and maintenance of the ads after it is placed. We have designed exceptional autorickshaw transit ads for our clients that have reached even the country’s rural areas.

How Much Does Transit Advertising Cost?

The cost of transit advertising services may vary depending upon the transit medium you opt for and the advertisement type. At AD Vantage, we offer the best transit advertising cost without compromising the quality of the product.

Transit advertising services we have done for our esteemed clients like India Wood have taken the brand message to all parts of the country. Associated with our clients, we have implemented transit advertising in India’s most competitive cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Cochin.

a-picture-depicting-transit-advertsing-done-in-an- auto-rickshaw-by-advantage-marketing

As a leading outdoor marketing agency in India, we offer our clients, plenty of options in transit advertising products, designs, and themes. Transit ads of Advan Marketing are customized to catch the public’s attention with simple but astonishing ideas.

Undoubtedly, your advertising and marketing strategies may be critical to your business. Depending on your product and the type of clientele you want to reach, transit advertising could be a viable marketing option.

Like any other advertising strategy, transit advertising has its pitfalls. However, major brands have turned these disadvantages into an ideal brand engagement. The magic that happens with transit advertising is that potential buyers become linked with a brand while commuting.

Why is transit advertising important? I hope you have an answer now.

Explore outdoor transit advertising with AD Vantage and keep your brand in motion.


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