Types of Outdoor Advertisements & the Strategies to Win the Race

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Outdoor Ads

The majority of consumers make their purchasing decisions during their travel. How are you capitalizing on that?

Outdoor ads are the most effective and budget-friendly advertising effort you can take for your business. The results of your effort, if done right, will create wonders for your business.

Just think of the different types of outdoor advertisements you see in your day-to-day life. Your commutation never ends without staring at an outdoor ad. Outdoor advertising, also known as, Out-Of-Home advertising or OOH advertising, has become an inevitable part of our life, focused as a creative art depicting a business.

The advantage of outdoor advertising is that it constantly exposes your brand to the public. They are always visible on sunny days and glowing nights. The human eye automatically locks onto a dazzling and creative outdoor ad design.

In our previous blogs, we have deeply discussed outdoor advertising and the latest trends. Because there are both traditional and more innovative forms of outdoor advertising available, making the right choice as a business takes some vital details.

The nucleus of this blog will be various types of outdoor advertising in India, apt for both small and large business entities.

What are the different types of outdoor advertising?

Outdoor ads can be designed in two ways. Traditional outdoor ads or digital types of outdoor advertising can be done depending upon the message you wish to convey to the audience, location, and budget.

Is traditional outdoor advertising outdated? Traditional outdoor ads are always blooming with trendy concepts. Even giant brands believe in the magic of traditional outdoor advertising strategies.

Digital outdoor advertisements are designed by incorporating digital elements that make them stand out visually. The pros of digital outdoor ads are that their displays can be programmed, and more than one ad can be displayed simultaneously.

Let’s check out the different outdoor advertising types.

Traditional Outdoor Ads

The traditional method of outdoor advertising includes billboards, pole advertisements, transit advertising, airport advertising, skywalks, etc. Traditional outdoor ads have been around for a while for one primary reason, they work. That’s how conventional outdoor advertising competes even with digital advertising strategies.

Billboards and Hoardings

Advertising on elevated billboards and hoardings located by the side of the road, visible to drivers and pedestrians, is known as billboard advertising. Outdoor billboard advertisements are incredibly effective at maximising any brand’s presence in its target niche.

A billboard enables you to reach a sizable portion of the diverse general public without investing additional time and resources in identifying and researching particular target consumer groups. Billboard advertisements could be designed as static, digital, or interactive creatives. Different types of hoarding advertising are available to suit your brand.

Augmented Reality Billboards are the trending billboard advertising strategy used by top brands that create an instilling visual and audio experience in the audience.

Billboard ads use eye-catching imagery in large sizes, along with appealing words, to ensure that onlookers cannot ignore or pass them by. Other forms of advertising might only expose consumers to a product or service once or twice, whereas billboards encourage repeated exposure because of their high visibility.

Pole Kiosk Advertising

Pole kiosk advertising involves small and compact advertising billboards put up on vertical poles. Pole advertising can be done on lamp poles or street poles on high traffic like roadways, highways, airports, and train stations. Pole kiosk billboards are compact, demanding less space. This type of outdoor advertising attracts a large number of people passing through the roads.

Pole advertising comes in different standard sizes and shapes to reflect your brand message. Placed at strategic positions with apt pole selections, pole kiosk advertising can effectively promote brand awareness. They can be positioned anywhere on the street, enabling businesses to quickly and precisely target their consumers in particular places.

Pole advertising is more flexible regarding the type of ads they can display. These types of outdoor advertisements can easily be customized to suit both small and large businesses.

Fibreglass pole kiosks are used by the majority of brands for their excellent finish and durability. The following are the features of fiberglass pole kiosks.

  • Light Weight
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Reusability
  • Weather Resistance

Outdoor Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is an outdoor advertising technique that uses public transportation and public transportation locations as advertising mediums. Buses, autorickshaws, taxis, trains, subways, and bus stations act as an excellent canvas to mirror your brand values.

The significant advantage of transit advertising is that it takes your brand to the customers when the ads are placed in vehicles. With ads placed on buses and taxis, it is easy to target the local audience, creating brand awareness to the maximum.

In outdoor transit advertising, the ads can be placed as posters on the surface of buses, taxis, etc. Transit advertising aims to take advantage of passengers’ desire for engagement while they are waiting or travelling.

Airport Advertising

Airport users are a captive audience who are awake, enthusiastic, and receptive. They are also in a positive frame of mind because of the nature of the travel activity. These customers are well-off and consider shopping an enjoyable part of travelling.

Airport advertising is an excellent opportunity to convey your brand message and trigger a purchase. Hoardings and signages outside the airport terminals can be extensively used to communicate with passengers.

The below-mentioned are the outdoor advertising advantages of airport advertising.

  • Large captive audience
  • High passenger traffic
  • High visibility
  • Access to high-end customers

Digital Outdoor Ads

What are you waiting for when digital waves are transforming the ad world?

With Digital outdoor advertising, you can simply spread the word about your company to the widest possible audience with LED screens in malls and other popular hangouts.

Digital billboards can be a smart option when you think of digital outdoor advertising. Using eye-catching digital screens, you can reach your customers. Digital OOH allows you to deliver a timely message with attractive digital elements. Digital outdoor advertising can also be fused with transit advertising, where electronic message boards and LED screens are installed on vehicle surfaces.

Digital billboards include built-in light sensors that cause the lights to change brightness during the day and at night to ensure that everyone who passes by will be able to view your advertisement. With digital billboards, you may promote two events while reaching the same market by having two distinct adverts run back-to-back. Digital media, as opposed to conventional billboards, has several advantages, one of which is the ability to incorporate spectacular effects and movement in advertisements.

Outdoor Advertising Strategies to Shoulder Your Business

Now you have learned about the different forms of outdoor advertising, which one would you pick up for your business? Which form of outdoor advertising induces action at the stores?

It can be challenging to stand out from the surrounding visual noise. Choose types of outdoor advertising media that would showcase your product/service. It’s about your product reaching the customers and the outdoor advertising advocating your business.

It’s the perfect time to know about different outdoor advertisement strategies to help your outdoor advertisements reach better. Let’s check them out.

Targeting The Right Customers

Know your target customers and target them in the right way. This is an essential factor when you go for an outdoor advertisement. The target customers may have a specific gender, age group, geographic location, etc., and would prefer your product over others. Target those potential customers when you are planning for outdoor advertisements.

Ensure your outdoor advertising covers the target customers, giving high visibility.

Be There Where Your Customers are

What if you spend a reasonable sum on a billboard and none of your customers see it? Investing in any outdoor ads is no point when there are no chances of your target customers seeing it. Let it be billboards, pole advertising, or transit advertising; take them to your customers and establish your brand message.

Depending upon the geographic location and demography of the potential customers, you can go for an outdoor advertising method. When you choose the proper outdoor advertisement, make it creative and place it at the right spot where your customers pass by; the ad will constantly communicate with them.

Reach Them at the Right Time

Even a second matters when it comes to reaching your potential customers. Through your outdoor advertisements, reach them at the right time, where you can get the maximum benefit. Seasonal pushing of your outdoor ads can create more waves in the marketplace, triggering your customers to reach a purchasing decision.

Know the right time when your customers will look for your products. Reach them with a stunning outdoor ad where the customers understand your business better. Half of the job is done when you beat your customers with a creative outdoor ad design. Your customers will take your brand in their hearts and brains.

Brand Your Business to the Core

What is the ultimate goal of your outdoor advertising? It should never be your customers seeing your ad and forgetting it the next second. Outdoor advertisements should never be a touch-and-go. Your outdoor ad should constantly create a noise, speaking for your business.

Do you know the time you will get to grab a customer towards your outdoor ad? Just a few seconds. That’s all the time you have got to brand yourself and get close to your customers. How to do it? Design should be the silent ambassador of your brand. Make your outdoor ad creative, short, and crisp so that it conveys your brand value the moment your customers stare at it. Make use of your brand theme, colours, and brand logo to create a lasting impact in the customers’ minds.

Measure the Reach of your Outdoor Advertisements

When you budget your outdoor ads, don’t forget to find out if they have a good reach and spread brand awareness. You can quickly analyze the performance of all the types of outdoor advertisements by measuring the

  • The traffic of the outdoor ad
  • The traffic of your website
  • In foot traffic to your retail store
  • Sales
  • Revenue

Analysing the performance of the outdoor advertisements will help you find if you are following the right outdoor ad tactics and spending the resources in the right way. If you are not getting brand visibility through your outdoor ad design, time to rethink and redesign the ad strategy.

Outdoor advertisements without checking their performance will never deliver the best to your brand. Going blindfolded without knowing if your outdoor ad reaches your customers will take you nowhere.

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