Why do Companies need CRM as a part of the marketing function? – A critical view

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Customer Relationship Manager plays a vital role in each and every organization. CRM team helps to increase the sales volume, lead generation and find more new customers faster. With an effective CRM strategy, you can get better efficiency in marketing. CRM also portrays the importance of managing relationships with the customer.

Benefits of CRM

CRM extends its support through all the day to day operations in marketing. It supports all the core areas of their business. The data which is organized by the CRM platform helps to serve customers efficiently, which leads to an increase in business.

CRM helps to strengthen the relationship with sales. It allows salespeople and marketers to easily see the sales pipeline, allocate tasks between departments, and effectively manage marketing and sales campaigns. CRM increases the sales and marketing alignment.

CRM helps to track the performance like new customers acquired, customer attrition rates, cross-sell rates, up-sell rates, and an average number of transactions.

You can track the progress of the leads and work accordingly with the successful steps instead of wasting the time on the unproductive resources. It helps during the planning process and also leads to the better decision making.

An Critical View of CRM

An ideal CRM should bring value across teams. It should allow company leadership to look through the sales pipeline and understand the current sales trends. It should show your customer support team all interactions with a customer so that they can personally respond to each support request.

Successful marketing depends on understanding the customer. CRM helps in understanding the nature of the customers and convert them into the sales. It allows the right information to the right person at right time and that leads to a greater return on investment.

CRM also develop a close relationship with the suppliers, where you get complete visibility of orders. You can also track the product and pricing. So that this reduces costs, optimizes timescales, and overtime drives up the quality of your relationship with your suppliers.

Using CRM’s customer service automation, one can easily improve customer relationships. CRM supports trouble ticketing, management of interaction history and escalations, customer case tracking, management of product problems, responding to customer inquiries, and sharing customer service information across the entire organization.

The CRM platform can unlock all the hidden potential of the market. The right CRM team can play a successful role in the best customer service. It allows the business to grow with minimal human effort with great results. Being an end to end customer solution, CRM plays a major role in marketing.


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