Enhancing Brand Visibility Through In-Shop Branding for 3M Car Care

by | Feb 3, 2024 | Case Study

About the Client

3M Car Care, a globally recognized leader in automotive care and maintenance solutions, has been committed to delivering innovative and high-quality products and services. With a focus on enhancing the customer experience and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of vehicles, 3M Car Care has established a strong presence in the automotive industry. The Koramangala and HSR Layout branches in Bangalore, India, are pivotal in serving 3M’s diverse clientele, offering a comprehensive range of car care solutions.


The primary objective of the in-shop branding project was to elevate brand visibility and reinforce 3M Car Care’s commitment to quality and service excellence within the Koramangala and HSR Layout branches. The initiative aimed to create an engaging and informative environment that would enhance the customer experience, promote services effectively, and ultimately drive sales and customer loyalty.

Target Audience

The target audience for this project was car owners and automotive enthusiasts in Bangalore, particularly those residing in or near the Koramangala and HSR Layout areas. This demographic is characterized by individuals who prioritize maintenance and aesthetic appeal of their vehicles and are likely to invest in premium car care services.


The main challenges encountered in this project included:

Designing Visually Appealing yet Informative Branding: Balancing aesthetic appeal with the need to convey service information effectively.

Material Selection and Durability: Choosing materials that would withstand the environmental conditions inside a car service center, including exposure to chemicals and sunlight.

Space Optimization: Utilizing the available space within the service centers efficiently to maximize brand visibility without overwhelming customers.


To address these challenges, a multifaceted approach was adopted:

Collaborative Design Process: Worked closely with 3M Car Care’s marketing team to create designs that align with the brand’s image while effectively communicating service offerings.

Material Research and Testing: Conducted thorough research and tests to select materials that offered durability and visual quality. The materials chosen were One Way Vision for window graphics, Vinyl Sunboard for durable signs, and Vinyl Pasting for high-quality, customizable wall and surface coverings.

Strategic Placement: Analyzed customer flow and service center layout to identify strategic locations for branding materials, ensuring high visibility and impact.


The solution comprised a comprehensive in-shop branding strategy that utilized One Way Vision, Vinyl Sunboard, and Vinyl Pasting materials to create a visually cohesive and brand-aligned environment. The branding elements included:

Window Graphics: One Way Vision material was used to design window graphics that provided privacy inside the service centers while advertising services to the outside world without blocking natural light.

Indoor Signage: Durable Vinyl Sunboard was employed for creating informative and visually appealing signs placed at key points within the service centers.

Custom Wall and Surface Branding: Vinyl Pasting was applied to walls and various surfaces to transform the service areas into immersive brand experiences, showcasing 3M’s commitment to quality and innovation.


The project was executed over a period of four weeks, beginning with the design phase, followed by material selection, production of branding materials, and culminating in the installation. Regular coordination with the 3M Car Care team ensured that the project aligned with brand standards and objectives. Installation was carefully planned to minimize disruption to the service center operations.



Post-implementation, the in-shop branding initiative resulted in:

Increased Customer Engagement: Customers reported a more immersive and informative experience, leading to increased interest in 3M’s services.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: The strategic use of branding materials significantly improved brand visibility within and around the service centers.

Positive Feedback: Both customers and staff provided positive feedback, noting the appealing aesthetics and informative content of the branding elements.

Business Growth: The enhanced branding contributed to an increase in service inquiries and sales, demonstrating a tangible return on investment.


The in-shop branding project for 3M Car Care’s Koramangala and HSR Layout branches successfully enhanced the brand’s visibility and customer engagement through strategic use of materials and design. By overcoming challenges related to material durability, space optimization, and design appeal, the project not only improved the aesthetic environment of the service centers but also supported business growth. This case study exemplifies how well-executed in-shop branding can transform service centers into powerful tools for brand promotion and customer engagement.

Interested in transforming your service center or retail space with effective in-shop branding? Contact us to learn how we can help elevate your brand’s visibility and customer experience.


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