Independence Day 2022- How iD Fresh Food Unites Us?

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Marketing Trend

Freedom in mind.

Faith in the words.

Pride in our souls.

Let’s salute our mother India on this INDEPENDENCE DAY

India- our nation is a mixture of varied cultural expressions, rich history, and unique traditions. Today our country is celebrating its 75th Independence Day; the day marked in its history in memory of the great souls who fought for our freedom.

independence-dayOn this auspicious day, let’s check how iD Fresh Food, India’s most innovative fresh food brand, is joining all the proud Indians in the celebration. Before that, let’s have a quick look at the history of iD Fresh Food.

iD Fresh Food

iD Fresh Food was launched in 2005 by five cousins as a 50sqft store startup business. They started as an idli-dosa batter manufacturer and now offer a wide range of ready-to-make foods like parathas, vada batter, chapati, paneer, ghee, and so on.


A business with the vision and mission to reach all the Indians with delicious, healthy, and ready-to-make Indian foods have now conquered the India, UAE, and US markets. As a brand that holds on to the Indian values and culture by fulfilling the diverse food culture, iD Fresh Food comes up with unique campaigns every Independence Day.

Independence Day Campaigns of iD Fresh Food

In 2017, the brand became the talk of the town for its heart-touching Independence Day campaign. The unique digital campaign helped create awareness and responsibility in supporting the families of the Indian army martyrs. The campaign contributed to encouraging the public to help the education of the children of our martyrs.

In 2018, the brand again launched a one-month-long Independence Day campaign nationwide. Tuning with the ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ campaign, iD Fresh Food packaging included silhouettes of individuals eating together against a background with an Independence Day theme.


Independence Day Campaign 2022

On this Independence Day, the brand is back to its customers with the second edition of its signature ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ campaign.

They have launched an ad film that depicts the residents of an apartment gathering to celebrate Independence Day. After hoisting the flag, singing the national anthem, and seeing the tenants disperse, one of the tenants sets up a table on the apartment’s lawn and invites his neighbours to breakfast. He serves delicious idli-dosa, paneer, paratha, and coffee.

Admiring him, all tenants from different food cultures and traditions also share their breakfast with others. The ad film ends with the scene of the entire apartment joyfully united with a diverse homemade breakfast. “I knew my neighbours only by their door numbers, but now I realize we are all the same, just divided by doors” a voiceover says as the film ends.

As part of the Independence Day 2022 campaign, from 5th August, iD Fresh Food offers free door delivery of its products for customers in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The brand aims to provide 3000+ no-cost deliveries with the campaign.

With iD Fresh Food, let’s celebrate the spirit of UNITED INDIA with our shared love for food

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