Print media services in marketing and advertisement – a media effectiveness in sales

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Promotional Campaigns

Advertisement is one of the marketing services where it communicates message of the brand to their customers. There are many kinds of advertisements. One among them was Print Media, where it communicates with the people through Newspapers, Magazines and other marketing print materials. Branding print advertisements and different types of newspaper advertising can be used to improve brand identity and brand awareness. It also uses different print media channels for advertising to reach a broader target audience.


Newspaper is the best example for the print media services. The cost incurred in the newspaper is less and it delivers messages directly to the home. Different newspapers cater to different audiences and can be found at various stores which cover the maximum crowd. Print allows you to tailor your campaigns to fit your budget by offering quarter-page, half-page and full-page ads.

Easy to Absorb Content

Print creates a more emotional bond since it was absorbed by our impression. This is because the parts of the brain that absorb and store visual information are more active when viewing print. While the content is short and crisp, it creates a specific brand perception in the audience’s mind.  It helps in building  brand awareness. Researchers found out that 75 % of people are absorbed by print media than digital ads.

Brand Awareness

Print media helps in enhancing brand awareness. Print media ads brands can shape consumer perception, increase awareness, a consumer’s ability to recall and recognize. The adverts has to keenly work on their colour, size, fonts and images according to the brand identity. Printed flyers, brouchers, magazines, leaflets and poster works do an unimaginable impression on branding.


Printing can be reached completely to different audiences. Print ads allow you to target your audience. You can choose exactly which section of the newspaper or magazine your audience is most likely to read. You can choose to run ads in speciality magazines or only in papers that deliver to specific geographic locations in your area. You can choose to have your ads run in Wednesday’s paper or Sunday’s paper. Print readers, they don’t do multitask while they are reading news paper or magazine.

Posting ads in a newspaper is not the only way to enhance the brand value. Marketers need to explore a range of options to increase the customer base as well as enhance brand awareness. Here are some options like coupon campaigns, newsletter, business cards, magazine ads, postcards, catalogs, traditional newspapers.


Even a single newspaper is read by multiple readers. That means your ad will have an extended viewership. Apart from that, shops, offices, and other venues display newspapers for longer periods. That means your ad will be exposed to a lot of people for a long time.

Though digital ads play an effective role in today’s and future marketing services, the usage of print media can not be eradicated from the minds of the people especially in the Indian audience. After all, if we use emails, blogs, and the internet continuously also, the feel of reading newspapers and magazines is different. The human mind is built to remember print images more readily than digital images. Hence printing media plays an important role in marketing.


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