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Seagate Guardians Conclave- About the Event


The Seagate Guardians Conclave was a dealer meet organized by Seagate, the leading data storage solutions company. The event-managed by AD Vantage Integrated Marketing, one of the leading corporate event management companies in Bangalore.

The event took place at Hotel Chancery Pavilion in Bangalore on February 22, 2023. The Conclave was designed to bring together Seagate’s dealers and partners, allowing them to network, collaborate, and learn about the company’s latest products and innovations.

Objective of the Event

The primary objective of the Seagate Guardians Conclave was to strengthen the relationship between Seagate and its dealers, enhance dealer knowledge about the company’s latest products, and provide a platform for networking and collaboration between partners.

Additionally, the event aimed to showcase Seagate’s commitment to innovation and highlight its position as a market leader in data storage solutions. With  exceptional corporate event planning services, AD Vantage elevated the audience experience at the event.

Target Audience

The target audience for the Seagate Guardians Conclave consisted of Seagate dealers, partners, and the Team Seagate. Around 150-200 participants attended the event, representing various regions and markets within Bengaluru.


The main challenges we faced during the organization of the event as a corporate event management company  included:

  • Ensuring a seamless registration process for the attendees.
  • Designing and installing creative and engaging event elements.
  • Effective communication of the event objectives to the audience.
  • Managing the event logistics and ensuring a smooth flow of activities throughout the day.


The following approaches were employed to overcome the challenges:

  • Collaborative planning with Seagate and AD Vantage Integrated Marketing.
  • Designing innovative and interactive event elements.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance the event experience.
  • Implementing a detailed event timeline to ensure smooth execution.


A comprehensive corporate event management plan was developed by AD Vantage Integrated Marketing with creative corporate event planning ideas.

  • A pre-event communication strategy to create awareness and excitement among the target audience.
  • A well-organized registration process to ensure a smooth check-in for attendees.
  • Innovative event elements to capture the audience’s attention and communicate the event objectives effectively.

Execution by Ad vantage Corporate Event management Bangalore

The Seagate Guardians Conclave was executed seamlessly, with the following elements:

Registration Desk


The registration desk at the Seagate Guardians Conclave played a crucial role in setting the tone for the event, ensuring that the check-in process was smooth, efficient, and welcoming for all attendees. The desk was manned by professional and friendly staff members who were well-prepared to handle any queries and provide assistance as needed.

The registration area was designed to be visually appealing and consistent with the overall event theme. Attendees were greeted with clear signage directing them to the registration desk, where they were asked to provide their names and company affiliations.

Pre-registered attendees were given a personalized event badge, while walk-ins were able to complete their registration on the spot. This streamlined process helped minimize wait times and ensured a positive first impression for all participants.

In addition to the badges, attendees were provided with event materials, such as an agenda, a list of speakers, and information on the various exhibits and interactive elements throughout the event space. This helped them navigate the event and make the most of their experience at the Seagate Guardians Conclave.

The efficient and organized registration desk played an important role in setting the stage for a successful event by creating a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring a smooth check-in process, and providing valuable information to help attendees make the most of their time at the Seagate Guardians Conclave.

Creative Holographic Standees


At the Seagate Guardians Conclave, creative holographic standees were strategically placed throughout the event space, showcasing Seagate’s products and solutions in an innovative and visually engaging manner. These standees utilized cutting-edge holographic technology to create three-dimensional, lifelike representations of Seagate’s data storage devices and related technologies.

The holographic standees served multiple purposes:


The use of holography technology captured the attention of attendees, drawing them in to learn more about Seagate’s offerings. The dynamic and futuristic visual displays helped differentiate Seagate’s products from traditional, static product displays.


The holographic standees allowed attendees to engage with the products on display by providing a virtual, touch-free experience. This interactive element encouraged attendees to explore Seagate’s product range more closely and sparked curiosity about the technology behind the holograms.


Each holographic standee was accompanied by informational text, detailing the features and benefits of the displayed product or solution. This educational component enabled attendees to gain a deeper understanding of Seagate’s offerings and their applications in various industries.


The use of creative holographic standees reinforced Seagate’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement, aligning with the company’s brand image as a leader in data storage solutions.

Overall, the creative holographic standees were a significant element of the event, enhancing the attendee experience by showcasing Seagate’s products in an attention-grabbing, interactive, and educational manner, while also reinforcing the company’s brand identity as an innovative leader in the industry.

LED Digital Display Stands


LED Digital Display Stands were a key component of the Seagate Guardians Conclave, providing an effective and engaging way to showcase Seagate’s product range and share information on the latest technology innovations. These stands were strategically placed throughout the event space, ensuring maximum visibility and easy access for all attendees.

The LED Digital Display Stands served several purposes:

Product Showcase

The high-resolution LED screens displayed vivid images and videos of Seagate’s data storage products, highlighting their design, features, and applications. This allowed attendees to get a comprehensive overview of the company’s offerings.

Information Sharing

The digital display stands were used to share information on Seagate’s latest innovations, industry trends, and data storage solutions. This allowed attendees to stay informed about the latest developments in the data storage industry and how Seagate’s products were addressing current and future needs.


The interactive nature of the LED Digital Display Stands encouraged attendees to engage with the content, prompting discussions and questions about the products and solutions on display. This fostered a sense of curiosity and interest in Seagate’s offerings among the attendees.

Brand Reinforcement

The use of LED Digital Display Stands reinforced Seagate’s image as a technology-driven company, showcasing its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions in the data storage industry.

In summary, the LED Digital Display Stands played an essential role in the Seagate Guardians Conclave, effectively showcasing the company’s product range and sharing valuable information on the latest innovations. The interactive nature of the displays encouraged engagement and interaction among attendees, further enhancing the overall event experience and reinforcing Seagate’s brand identity as an industry leader.

LED Video Wall


The LED Video Wall was a prominent feature at the Seagate Guardians Conclave, serving as a powerful visual centerpiece that enhanced the overall event experience. Positioned in a strategic location within the event space, the large, high-resolution video wall displayed a variety of content, including presentations, product demonstrations, and engaging multimedia.

The LED Video Wall offered several benefits to the event:

Enhanced Presentations

The LED Video Wall allowed speakers and presenters to showcase their content in a visually striking and impactful manner. The high-resolution display made it easy for attendees to follow along, ensuring that the information presented was clear and engaging.

Live Demonstrations

The video wall was used to showcase live product demonstrations, enabling attendees to see the functionality and capabilities of Seagate’s data storage solutions in real-time. This interactive element helped create a more immersive experience and allowed attendees to gain a better understanding of the products on display.

Multimedia Content

The LED Video Wall was used to display a variety of multimedia content throughout the event, including promotional videos, industry insights, and highlights from previous Seagate events. This engaging content helped maintain attendee interest and further reinforced Seagate’s brand image as a leader in the data storage industry.

Atmosphere and Aesthetics

The LED Video Wall contributed to the overall atmosphere and aesthetics of the event, creating a dynamic and visually appealing environment for attendees. The vibrant display added an element of excitement and helped create a memorable experience for all participants.

In conclusion, the LED Video Wall played a significant role in the success of the Seagate Guardians Conclave by enhancing presentations, showcasing live product demonstrations, displaying engaging multimedia content, and contributing to the overall atmosphere and aesthetics of the event. This innovative display technology reinforced Seagate’s commitment to innovation and helped create an immersive and memorable experience for all attendees.

TV Display Units for Product Display


TV Display units were strategically placed throughout the Seagate Guardians Conclave, serving as an effective tool for showcasing Seagate’s latest products and solutions. These display units allowed attendees to get a hands-on experience with the products, enhancing their understanding of the features, functionality, and applications of the various data storage devices.

The TV Display units offered several advantages during the event:

Hands-on Experience

The display units provided an opportunity for attendees to interact with Seagate’s products directly, allowing them to explore the devices’ features and capabilities firsthand. This hands-on experience facilitated a deeper understanding of the products and their potential applications.

Product Demonstration

The TV Display units were utilized to demonstrate the functionality and performance of Seagate’s data storage solutions. Through live demonstrations and interactive presentations, attendees could witness the products in action, making it easier to visualize their real-world usage and benefits.

Information Sharing

Each display unit was accompanied by informative materials detailing the specifications, features, and benefits of the showcased products. This allowed attendees to gather relevant information and gain a better understanding of Seagate’s product offerings.

Networking and Engagement

The TV Display units served as focal points for networking and engagement among attendees, sparking conversations and discussions about the displayed products and their potential applications. This encouraged collaboration and idea-sharing among participants, fostering a sense of community and shared interest in the data storage industry.

In summary, the TV Display units for product display played a vital role in the Seagate Guardians Conclave by providing attendees with a hands-on experience, showcasing product functionality, sharing information, and promoting networking and engagement. These interactive displays contributed to a more immersive and informative event experience, reinforcing Seagate’s position as a leader in data storage solutions.

Table Tents


Table tents were strategically placed throughout the Seagate Guardians Conclave event space, serving as an effective means of sharing information, promoting networking, and enhancing the overall event experience. These small, freestanding displays were placed on tables, counters, and other surfaces within the venue, providing attendees with easy access to valuable information and resources.

The table tents were designed with Seagate’s branding elements, such as logos and colour schemes, creating a consistent and cohesive visual identity throughout the event space. This subtle reinforcement of Seagate’s brand image helped establish a professional and memorable atmosphere for attendees.

Creative Photo Booth


A unique and creative photo booth was set up at the Seagate Guardians Conclave, featuring iconic Bangalore monuments as the backdrop. This engaging and interactive element provided attendees with a fun and memorable way to capture their experiences at the event while highlighting the local culture and landmarks.

The creative photo booth offered several advantages during the event:


The photo booth provided a fun and entertaining activity for attendees, allowing them to take a break from the presentations and discussions, and capture memories with their colleagues and new connections. This light-hearted activity contributed to a more enjoyable and memorable event experience.

Networking and Interaction

The photo booth served as a natural gathering point, encouraging attendees to mingle and interact while waiting for their turn to take pictures. This facilitated networking and relationship-building among participants in a more relaxed and informal setting.

Local Culture

By featuring iconic Bangalore monuments in the backdrop, the photo booth celebrated the local culture and heritage, creating a sense of pride and connection among attendees. This also showcased the event’s location and added a unique, location-specific touch to the overall event experience.

Social Media Engagement

Attendees were encouraged to share their photo booth pictures on social media, using the event hashtag and tagging Seagate’s official accounts. This increased social media engagement and visibility for both Seagate and the Guardians Conclave event, showcasing the positive experiences of attendees and promoting the event to a wider audience.

In conclusion, the creative photo booth that featured Bangalore monuments played a significant role in enhancing the overall event experience at the Seagate Guardians Conclave. By offering entertainment, promoting networking and interaction, celebrating local culture, and encouraging social media engagement, the photo booth contributed to a memorable and engaging event for all attendees.

Photo Printouts

As a thoughtful and memorable addition to the creative photo booth, photo printouts were given to attendees with the Seagate Guardians Conclave branding. This further enhanced the overall event experience and provided attendees with a tangible keepsake of their time at the event.

The branded photo printouts offered several benefits:

Personalized Souvenir

The photo printouts served as a personalized souvenir for attendees, allowing them to take home a memento of their experience at the Seagate Guardians Conclave. This keepsake helped create lasting memories and reinforced the positive impressions created during the event.

Brand Exposure

By incorporating the Seagate Guardians Conclave branding on the photo printouts, the event’s brand image was subtly reinforced among attendees. This helped strengthen brand recognition and provided an additional touchpoint for Seagate’s messaging.

Word of Mouth

Attendees who received the branded photo printouts were more likely to share their positive experiences at the event with friends, family, and colleagues, further promoting the Seagate Guardians Conclave and its objectives. These printouts served as conversation starters and helped generate organic word-of-mouth marketing for the event.

Social Media Amplification

Attendees were encouraged to share their branded photo printouts on social media platforms, using the event hashtag and tagging Seagate’s official accounts. This additional sharing helped increase the event’s online visibility, showcasing the positive experiences of attendees, and potentially reaching new audiences who might be interested in future Seagate events.

In conclusion, providing photo printouts with Seagate Guardians Conclave branding at the creative photo booth added a thoughtful and memorable touch to the overall event experience. These printouts served as personalized souvenirs, reinforced brand exposure, encouraged word-of-mouth marketing, and amplified social media engagement, contributing to a successful and engaging event for all attendees.



In conclusion, the Seagate Guardians Conclave was a highly successful event, thanks to the strategic planning, innovative approaches, and seamless execution by AD Vantage corporate event management agency. From the engaging registration process to the creative photo booth and other interactive elements, the event provided attendees with an informative, memorable, and enjoyable experience, reinforcing Seagate’s position as a leader in the data storage industry.

AD Vantage Integrated Marketing is one of the best corporate vent management companies in Bangalore with a huge expertise in event management, combined with the ability to incorporate cutting-edge technology and tailor-made solutions.  With our expert corporate event planning team, we  ensured that the Seagate Guardians Conclave exceeded expectations and achieved its objectives.

If you’re looking to create a similarly engaging and successful event, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, objectives, and vision, and help bring your event to life with innovative ideas and flawless execution. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create an unforgettable event experience that drives results and leaves a lasting impact on your audience.


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