AD Vantage & Hero: Crafting the ‘Asli Hero’ Campaign

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Case Study

About the Client

Hero Moto Corp, a leading name in the two-wheeler automotive industry, has continually pioneered initiatives to forge stronger bonds with its stakeholders. The “ASLI HERO” program is one such endeavor, crafted to build a community of bike technicians, also known as “technicians,” and foster a nurturing relationship with them through a specially designed app and referral program.


To amplify the sales of the selected bike models—HF Delux, Glamour, and Passion—leveraging the ASLI HERO program’s referral initiative, targeting the technician community. The campaign aimed to significantly enhance the lead conversion rate, placing a spotlight on heightened sales performance and enriched relationships with the technicians.

Target Audience

The campaign was designed for the bike technicians associated with the ASLI HERO program, encouraging them to become brand advocates and play a pivotal role in increasing sales through referrals.


Raising Awareness: Creating a buzz and encouraging active participation among the widespread technician community was crucial.

Ensuring Lead Conversion: Achieving a notable lead conversion rate within a constrained 45-day timeframe presented a considerable challenge.

Streamlining Registration: Facilitating a smooth and swift registration process to avoid bottlenecks and ensure active participation.


Engaging Briefings: Feet on Street (FOS) personnel were mandated to elucidate the scheme comprehensively to technicians, assisting them in utilizing the app effectively.

Visual Promotion: FOS were encouraged to share photos of the workshops along with the technicians, creating a sense of community and visual engagement through WhatsApp.

Focused Promotion: The campaign maintained a specialized focus on promoting the three designated bike models through alluring incentives.



Enhanced Referral Scheme: Technicians were offered a flat reward of INR 1000 and additional gifts for successful referrals of the specified bike models during the 45-day special program, a substantial enhancement from the usual INR 500 incentive.

Self-Registration: The ASLI HERO app facilitated a self-registration feature, allowing technicians to seamlessly become a part of the program and initiating a smooth journey from lead generation to program participation.


Defined Timeline: The referral program was meticulously executed from 1st September to 15th October 2023, adhering to a well-planned strategy and timeline.

Guidance and Support: FOS ensured that technicians were adept at leveraging the app, providing necessary guidance and support.

Feedback and Updates: A structured feedback loop was established via WhatsApp, where FOS could share updates and receive necessary directives, fostering a community spirit and encouraging active participation.


While the exact outcome remains to be tabulated, the ASLI HERO program is expected to witness a surge in sales for the selected models, coupled with a high lead conversion rate. By nurturing a community where every technician becomes an “Asli Hero,” Hero Moto Corp has fostered a win-win scenario, augmenting sales while empowering the technicians to benefit from the brand’s growth.


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