The Best Outdoor Advertising Agency: Top 5 Reasons to Hire AD Vantage

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Outdoor Ads

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the planet and have become an inescapable part of our daily lives. The digital world is moving at a fast pace and if that’s making you feel edgy, hold on tight. From here, things will only accelerate. Touching every part of our lives, the digital web has covered advertising. Undoubtedly, digital marketing and advertising techniques have carved out a distinct niche.

Are you one of those folks who believe that outdoor ads, indoor ads, newspaper ads, etc., are outdated and ineffective? Evidently, you are blind to the real power of traditional advertising. In this piece of writing, let us find how an outdoor advertising agency can jazz up your business through stunning outdoor advertising methods.

To better grasp the scope and content of this blog, let’s first review the fundamentals of outdoor advertising.

What do you mean by outdoor advertising? 

In simple terms, outdoor advertising means advertising done in open premises or outdoors. Any sort of advertising done in a specific geographic location to grab the attention of potential customers when they are outside their homes is outdoor ads. Outdoor advertising is also known as Out-of-home advertising or OOH Advertising.

Outdoor ads are one of the best advertising strategies to advertise your business’s products and services. It is an ever-tending method that catches the eye of every potential customer once they step out of their home.

Although the oldest known billboard was found in ancient Egypt, you might argue that it all began in the 1790s when lithography, a type of printing that uses oil and water, was devised, allowing for the fabrication of posters. In India, pre-independence, advertisements were published in India’s first newspaper, the ‘Bengal Gazette,’ which began with classified ads.

What are the different types of outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising has witnessed massive evolution, starting from traditional billboards to digital outdoor ads. The below-mentioned are the different types of outdoor advertising.

  1. Billboard advertising
  2. Retail advertising
  3. Point of sale displays
  4. Vehicle advertising
  5. Newspaper and magazine advertising

Which is the most common form of outdoor advertising? As per the top outdoor advertising agencies in India, billboards are their clients’ most preferred method of outdoor ads.

Does out-of-home advertising work?

This is the obvious query that nags the mind of every businessman when they consider investing in outdoor advertisements. Why OOH advertising is important? The best answer for this is the outdoor advertising benefits.

Before getting into the advantages of outdoor advertising, let me give you examples from Facebook, Google, KFC, and McDonald’s.


Facebook and Google, though follow online advertising, trust the potential of outdoor ads when launching a new product or feature. To launch their latest products, Facebook and Google buy billboard ads around the world. McDonald’s employed a billboard in 2006, which is still considered one of the best examples of outdoor advertising. The same is the case with KFC, which makes people crave with their “It’s finger lickin’ good” hoardings and billboards.

Now you would have understood how giant businesses utilize outdoor advertising in spreading brand awareness.

Benefits of outdoor advertising

The following are the advantages of outdoor ads.

  • Outdoor advertisements are easily visible.
  • They grab the attention of the public more effectively.
  • The customers cannot skip outdoor ads.
  • They reach both rural and urban audiences.
  • Outdoor advertisements are budget-friendly.
  • They generate a higher response in the customers.
  • Outdoor advertising campaigns fit any business despite their size.

How to make the best possible out of outdoor ads?

Many people think that outdoor advertising is a dead method of advertising. There are umpteen methods of modern and digital advertising strategies that cover the eyes of the public every day. This is considered the disadvantage of outdoor advertising by many.

Are you aware of advertising fatigue? When individuals see an advertisement too many times, they lose interest and engagement with it. Many brands think their customers are constantly staring at social media and mobile screens, making them the best place to place advertisements.

Studies suggest that the average human sees several thousand online ads each day. This is the right spot where we have to unwrap the potential of outdoor advertising. Among those repetitive digital ads, let your outdoor ads invite the eyes of the public.

How to create the best outdoor ads for your brand? The only solution is to hire the service of an outdoor marketing agency.

What is outdoor advertising agency?

Outdoor advertising agencies are companies that provide professional outdoor advertising services to their clients. Through creative outdoor ads, outdoor marketing agencies help businesses reach their potential customers, thereby improving traffic and revenue.

An outdoor advertising agency allows businesses to get their message in front of a potential buyer multiple times per day. They nurture the brand by building brand recognition and hiking sales.

Advantage Marketing, an outdoor advertising agency in Bangalore, is a top pick for stunning outdoor ads by clients across the country. We are one of the best advertising agencies in India, offering a wide range of outdoor advertising services.

Benefits of hiring the best outdoor advertising agency in India

Grasping the potential of outdoor ads, let’s dive into the benefits of hiring AD Vantage Marketing, the top outdoor advertising agency in India.

Creative Designs

AD Vantage holds an eminent crew of outdoor advertising professionals to design stunning outdoor ads for our clientele. Our outdoor ads stand out from the herd with their unique design, eye-catching colour tones, and capturing graphics and fonts.

Wide Range of Services

At AD Vantage, you can avail a wide range of outdoor advertising agency services for your brand. We offer everything, from traditional outdoor advertising strategies to the latest digital outdoor ads. Below-mentioned is some of the examples of outdoor advertising services we provide for our clients.

  • Hoardings
  • Pole Kiosk
  • Advertisements in A/c & Non A/C exterior
  • Advertisements in mobile van/cab, auto, bus interiors, and metros
  • Advertisements in Newspaper insert
  • Advertisements in IT Parks and ATMs
  • Bus shelters
  • Skywalk
  • Advertisements in India Post
  • Glass Branding
  • Metro pillar
  • Digital OOH
  • Advertisements on no parking boards
  • Advertisements in Police barricades
  • Advertisements in Cricket Stadium
  • Advertisements in Flag Pole

We have delivered dashing outdoor ads to our renowned clients like Raymond, JBL, Seagate and Indiawood.


Easy to Customize

Outdoor advertisements from AD Vantage can be customized to meet the needs of the client. We specialize in creating outdoor advertisements that are in tune with the brand message. We have a fantastic team of designers who develop custom-made outdoor advertisements for our prestigious clients. We ensure that no two AD Vantage customers have the same outdoor ad template design.


We provide excellent outdoor ad designs that are within our clients’ budgets. Following our outdoor advertising policy, we give the finest cost, earning us the title of the best outdoor advertising agency in India. Depending on the size of the business, we have economical outdoor ad designs for all clients.

High Visibility

Visibility is a crucial factor in outdoor advertisements that makes the ad grab the attention of the public. We are the top outdoor advertising company in India, known for outdoor ads with extraordinary visibility. Our billboards, hoardings, transit ads, etc., are noted for their unique placement and stunning layouts. We make sure that your ads are highly visible through our professional design, delivering the brand message in a short span of time.

Outdoor ads are excellent means to carry the brand message of a business to the public. It is beyond doubt, a robust advertising tactic to reach every potential customer when they are out of their home. Outdoor advertising, though traditional, has stood the test of time with its versatility and capability to evoke customer response.

Hiring the best outdoor advertising agency can create wonders for your brand targeting the public who spend 70% of their time outside their home. Never overlook the potency of outdoor ads in an advertising world flooded with digital and in-home advertising strategies.


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