Exhibition Stall Fabrication Services: How it Benefits the Businesses?

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Exhibition Stalls Design

All of India’s market segments have already been adversely affected by COVID-19, and as a result, both small and large businesses are having a tough time. They are contemplating every possibility to reenter the market and remain profitable. Is it actually simple given the changing market trends and customer behavior? No, consumers’ spending and shopping patterns have radically changed, and most of them have already decided to switch brands.

Businesses are trying out extensive marketing and advertising strategies like outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, retail branding, and promotional campaigns to win back lost customers. Understanding customer preferences and modeling an effective marketing plan is the challenging part of the game.

Expos, trade shows, and exhibitions are some of the most efficient ways to reenter the market while interacting directly with both existing and new customers. With so many successful trade fairs and expo events already scheduled for 2022, it is clear that customers are open to learning more about various products and services.

You can learn about exhibition stalls design, exhibition design concept, and stall ideas for exhibition from our previous blog. Let us find in this blog about exhibition stall fabrication services which forms the central part of designing stall and booth for exhibitions.

Serving clients for the upcoming iconic tradeshows and exhibitions in 2022 and 2023, AD Vantage Marketing is currently in full flow with exhibition stall design and fabrication. Being one of the renowned exhibition stall fabricators in Bangalore, we provide stall exhibition design, trade show booth fabrication, exhibition stall fabrication, etc., instilling grand and fresh exhibition stall ideas.

How to set up stall in exhibition?

Exhibition stalls have evolved as hubs where potential clients interact directly with the brand and experience the products or the services. Setting up an exhibition stall is not about engineering a physical structure to exhibit the brand. It should speak aloud to the attendees about the business. An ideal stall in exhibition should fulfill the following brand needs.

  • Create brand awareness
  • Convey brand message
  • Convey brand value
  • Fulfill the business objective
  • Showcase the products/services
  • Engage the attendees
  • Create business opportunities
  • Increase the business and revenue

How to design a stall for exhibition?

The following are the steps in setting up an exhibition stall.

  1. Exhibition stall design
  2. Approval from the client
  3. Exhibition Stall Fabrication
  4. Transportation of the fabricated elements to the exhibition venue
  5. Installation

What is Exhibition Stall Design?

Exhibition stall design, if dissected close, is the design of the exhibition stall based on the brand elements and client requirements.

What do exhibition designers do? Exhibition business stall designers design exhibition stands, booths, and stalls using hand-drawn or computer-generated sketches, plans, or models to illustrate their concepts. The designs would be tailor-made to match the theme of the brand, exhibition space design standards, event size, target audience, budget, and so on. Before developing a prototype, designers discuss their creative exhibition stall design ideas with their clients or company.

What is Exhibition Stall Fabrication?

Fabrication is a phrase used in the industry to describe the processing of raw materials to create machines and buildings. Stall fabrication, meaning in exhibition, is the process of fabrication of exhibitions stalls where the exhibit design is conceptualized into physical elements or structure.

The final design will be passed on to the exhibition stall design fabricators, and the procurement of exhibition stall fabrication material is initiated. What do exhibition fabricators do? They are involved in exhibition booth fabrication, where the designs are conceptualized into different parts or elements.

Now you would understand the factors involved in exhibition booth design, exhibition stall fabrication, and installation . In short, exhibit booth fabrication and tradeshow booth fabrication services comprise booth exhibition design as the initial step, followed by exhibition fabrication.

Exhibition Stall Fabrication Services 

AD Vantage is the best exhibition stall design company and exhibition booth fabricator in India, offering all services to flaunt a brand in trade fairs and exhibitions. Let us find out how we provide an exhibition stand fabrication service for trade shows.

Detailing of Design Specifications

The initial step in exhibition stall fabrication is a detailed discussion of the design specifications between the exhibition stall designers and the stall fabricators. Even minute detailing matters in exhibition stall design that should be reflected during the fabrication process.

The measurements, dimensions, and layout should fit the floor plan of the venue of the trade fair stall. Exhibition stall fabricators study the design, matching it with the entrance, exit, and direction of traffic flow of the exhibition space.

The manual and virtual designs of the show stalls and booths, including the 2D and 3D designs, exhibition stall fabrication service products, images of the finished product, etc., are discussed in detail with the client for further modifications. Once the client approves the design, material procurement for designing is initiated.

Purchasing of Materials

An ideal exhibit design would need flooring, booth structure, signages, finishing, and decorative elements to be fabricated for installation. Different types of materials like steel, aluminum, MDF/chipboard, plywood/OSB, solid timber, glass, acrylic, etc., are procured for fabrication and then subjected to finishing processes.

Certain materials will have specific performance capabilities, so it’s essential to discuss the materials with the client during the project’s design phase. The selection of materials for an exhibition stall fabrication should sync with the design and the long-term goal of the exhibition stand design. There are durable materials available in the market for exhibition stand design that would allow the same design to be modified and redesigned for multiple exhibition events.

Exhibition Stall Design

Exhibition stall design is all about high-quality, customized exhibition stands that efficiently market the business of the exhibitor with creative stall design ideas. In order to design exceptional exhibition stands and trade show pavilions, highly skilled workers with carpentry, painting, and electrical installation skills are required. 

Professional exhibition stall design companies will have an expert crew capable of handling any types of materials used in exhibition stall fabrication services. As per the requirement of the exhibitors, the exhibition stall design agency crafts customized displays, foldable banner stands, modular platforms, flat frame podiums/backdrops, display fixtures, foldable counters, etc.

Our exhibition stall fabrication services team is equipped with a full-fledged woodwork workshop, a warehouse, and a mock installation space where the stand design is done and tested.

Exhibition Stall Fabrication 

Fabrication of the exhibition stall is planned as per the design of the exhibition stand. Exhibition stall fabrication is carried out by experienced exhibition stall fabricators who follow the stall design and fabricate it as per the client’s demands.

The entire stall is fabricated as a single unit or as separate units as per the stand design. If the exhibition stall design involves additional elements, it is done separately and finally incorporated into the exhibition stand design during the installation process.


Finishing for exhibition stall fabrication includes lamination, veneering, polishing, spray painting, etc. Finishing is done either at the exhibition event venue or completed, and then the exhibition stand design is transported to the site. Finishing works enhance the exhibition stand’s appearance and make it more durable.

Transportation of the Design

Exhibition stall services also involve a group of qualified experts who take great care to provide the finished project delivered to the exhibition venue. Depending upon the exhibition stand design, the final product is handled by a logistics team that helps in packaging the design, transportation, and installation in the exhibition space without any damage. As discussed earlier, some designs may demand final finishing works to be done at the exhibition venue.

Exhibition Stall Installation 

Installation of the exhibition stall design at the venue is the final step in exhibition stall fabrication services. The final touches for the design is done, and the stall is carefully monitored for any design flaws or quality issues.

The exhibition stall installation should be done so that it does not affect the free flow of the event attendees inside the stall. The installation process is done a couple of days before the event so that any final alterations or corrections can be done efficiently.

I hope you have now got a better understanding of the exhibition stall design and fabrication process. Being a part of several prestigious exhibition events and trade fairs shows like PROPAK, AD Vantage Integrated Marketing does creative exhibition stall fabrication services. From designing the exhibition stall to dismantling it after the event, we have experts in each stage of the process. We have a devoted group of skilled and experienced exhibition stall fabricators who can handle all of the clients’ stall fabrication-related expectations and issues.

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