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About the Client :  EMotorad  (EM)

EMotorad (EM) is a leading electric vehicle company with a focus on delivering state-of- the-art ebikes. Their products cater to a wide range of consumers, from adventure seekers to daily commuters and casual riders. EM’s mission is to make futuristic ebikes accessible to everyone, without compromising on performance or quality.


The primary objective was to capitalize on the festive seasons of Ganesh Chaturthi and Dussehra by boosting brand awareness and sales through instore branding and decorations. EMotorad aimed to engage customers with eye-catching visuals and lucrative offers, including gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 50 lakhs, and the chance to win an EV Car, iPhone, and other exciting gadgets.

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign was broad and encompassed:

Adventure Seekers Daily Commuters Casual Riders

Residents of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, AP & Telangana


Consistency Across Multiple Locations: With 15 dealerships spread across five states, maintaining branding consistency was a significant challenge.

Time Constraints: The festive season was fast approaching, leaving limited time for design, production, and implementation.

Engagement: Creating an instore experience that would not only attract but also engage the customers to participate in the offers.


Centralized Design and Planning: All design elements, including the Offer Box, Scratch Card, Easel Standee, Danglers, and Arch Gate with Light, were centrally designed to maintain brand consistency.

Localized Execution: Teams were deployed in each state to oversee the setup, ensuring each dealership adhered to the planned aesthetics and guidelines.


AD Vantage partnered with EMotorad to design and execute instore branding elements across 15 dealerships in South India. The elements included:

Offer Box


A creatively designed box placed at strategic points, highlighting the gift voucher offers. The “Offer Box” was a key component of the instore branding strategy for EMotorad’s festive campaign. Below are the specifics that made it an essential and successful part of the overall experience.


The Offer Box was visually striking, designed to capture attention instantly. It was adorned with vibrant colours and festive motifs, in line with the themes of Ganesh Chaturthi and Dussehra. The box prominently displayed the EMotorad logo and the tagline “Festival of Joy,” making it easily identifiable as part of the campaign.


Strategic placement was crucial. The Offer Box was positioned near the entrance and at key touchpoints within the store, ensuring maximum visibility. This helped in drawing customers toward it, compelling them to explore the offers inside.


The box contained specially designed scratch cards. Each cards held details about the different gifts and offers available, ranging from gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 50 lakhs to chances to win an EV Car, iPhone, and other gadgets. The varied nature of the offers ensured that there was something for everyone, thereby increasing engagement. It also had a cut out of various range of ebikes from EMotorad.


The Offer Box was not just a passive element; it was interactive. Customers were encouraged to pick a scratch card from the box, thereby immediately involving them in the campaign. This element of surprise and instant gratification kept customers engaged and created a buzz in the store.


The Offer Box was a hit among the customers:

  • It served as an excellent conversation starter for the sales team, helping them guide customers through the various offers and products.
  • It contributed significantly to the 25% boost in sales during the campaign period.
  • It was highly shareable content; many customers took photos of the Offer Box and shared them on social media, further amplifying brand awareness.

The Offer Box proved to be more than just a decorative element; it was a strategic tool that played a critical role in the success of EMotorad’s festive campaign.

Scratch Card


The “Scratch Card” element was an ingenious addition to EMotorad’s festive campaign, designed to instantly engage customers and provide an interactive instore experience. Here’s how it was developed, deployed, and contributed to the campaign’s success:


The Scratch Card was designed to align with the festive and vibrant aesthetics of the overall campaign. Each card featured the EMotorad logo and the “Festival of Joy” tagline. The scratch-off area was situated centrally, enticing customers to reveal the hidden offer or prize.


On entering the store, every customer was handed a Scratch Card by the welcoming staff. This immediate distribution not only served as an ice- breaker but also instantly involved the customer in the ongoing festive offers.

Types of Rewards

Under the scratch-off area, customers could find various types of rewards, ranging from percentage-based discounts on ebikes to gift vouchers and even smaller, but attractive, gifts like accessories or merchandise. This variety ensured that every customer felt like a winner, thereby uplifting their mood and encouraging them to explore the store further.


The act of scratching off to reveal a prize or offer made the customer’s instore experience interactive and exciting. It also provided the sales team with a natural segue into discussing EMotorad’s products and offers, facilitating more in-depth customer engagement.


The Scratch Card was a critical factor in achieving several campaign objectives:

  • High Customer Engagement: Over 1,000 Scratch Cards were distributed, indicating a high level of customer interaction.
  • Increased Sales: The Scratch Cards successfully converted footfall into sales, contributing to the 25% increase in sales during the campaign period.
  • Social Media Buzz: Many customers shared their winning moments on social media, further amplifying the campaign’s reach and brand awareness.

The Scratch Card was not merely a gimmick; it was a well-thought-out strategy to engage customers instantly and make their shopping experience rewarding. Its success in the EMotorad festive campaign serves as a compelling testament to the effectiveness of interactive instore elements in boosting customer engagement and sales.

Easel Standee


The “Easel Standee” served as a static yet highly effective medium for conveying information and directing customer attention within the EMotorad stores during the festive campaign. Its role was more than just an informational display; it was an integral part of the instore marketing mix.


The design of the Easel Standee was consistent with the overall festive theme, incorporating vibrant colours, festive motifs, and key campaign messages. It prominently featured the EMotorad logo and the “Festival of Joy” tagline, ensuring brand consistency.


The Standee was strategically placed at various points within the store, such as near product displays, checkout counters, and waiting areas. The idea was to catch the customer’s eye at multiple touchpoints, reinforcing the campaign message and offers.


The Standee was not overloaded with text; instead, it offered succinct information about the ongoing offers and prizes, such as the chance to win an EV Car, iPhone, and other gadgets. Some standees also featured QR codes, which customers could scan to directly register for warranty and win gifts.


While not interactive in the traditional sense, the Easel Standee served as a point of reference for both customers and sales staff. For customers, it acted as a prompt to inquire about the offers or products displayed. For the sales team, it was a useful tool to initiate conversations and guide the customer through the buying journey.


The impact of the Easel Standee on the campaign’s success was subtle but significant:

  • Information Dissemination: The standee efficiently informed customers about the campaign details, helping them make informed decisions.
  • Increased Engagement: It served as a conversation starter, aiding the sales team in their interactions with customers.
  • Brand Consistency: By maintaining a uniform look and message, the standee contributed to the overall brand consistency across all 15 dealerships.

Though static, the Easel Standee played a dynamic role in enhancing customer engagement and reinforcing brand messages. Its strategic design and placement made it an invaluable asset in EMotorad’s successful festive campaign.



The “Danglers” were an essential decorative and branding element in EMotorad’s festive campaign. While they might appear to be just ornamental, they were strategically designed and positioned to contribute to the campaign’s objectives.


The Danglers were designed to be eye-catching, featuring a mix of vibrant colours and festive graphics. They included the EMotorad logo and the “Festival of Joy” tagline, ensuring that they were aligned with the broader branding scheme of the campaign.


Danglers were hung from the ceiling and positioned in such a way that they were visible from multiple angles within the store. They were strategically placed near key product displays, the checkout area, and the entrance, drawing attention to important touchpoints.


Though primarily decorative, the Danglers also served a functional purpose. They guided customers’ eyes toward specific products and sections of the store, subtly influencing their movement and focus. They also contributed to creating a festive atmosphere, enhancing the overall customer experience.


While Danglers are not interactive in the traditional sense, their presence contributed to the overall festive atmosphere, making the instore experience more enjoyable and engaging for customers. This uplifting environment played a crucial role in keeping customers engaged while they explored the store and learned about the offers.


The Danglers had a multi-faceted impact on the campaign:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: They significantly enhanced the store’s visual appeal, making it more inviting and festive.
  • Customer Engagement: Their strategic placement helped guide customer movement within the store, indirectly contributing to increased interaction with products and offers.
  • Social Sharing: The visually appealing setup encouraged customers to take photos and share their experiences on social media, increasing brand visibility.

In summary, Danglers were more than just decorative elements; they were a well-considered part of the campaign strategy. By enhancing the aesthetic appeal and directing customer attention, they played a critical role in the success of EMotorad’s festive campaign.

Arch Gate with Light


A grand, illuminated arch at the store entrance, attracting attention and making the store easily identifiable. The “Arch Gate with Light” served as the grand entrance feature for EMotorad’s festive campaign, setting the tone for the in-store experience that awaited customers. Here’s how it contributed to making the campaign a success.


The Arch Gate was designed to be both grand and welcoming, capturing the festive spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi and Dussehra. It featured bright, festive colours along with the EMotorad logo and the campaign’s “Festival of Joy” tagline. The addition of lights added an extra layer of allure, making it impossible to miss.


The Arch Gate was positioned at the entrance of each of the 15 dealerships involved in the campaign. As the first point of contact with the store, it played a pivotal role in creating a lasting first impression and drawing customers into the store.


The lighting was not merely decorative; it was designed to highlight the key elements of the arch and to attract attention even from a distance. The lights were carefully chosen to be both eye-catching and in line with the overall aesthetic of the campaign.


The Arch Gate served as a magnet, drawing customers into the store. Its imposing yet inviting presence was often the first photo opportunity for customers, many of whom shared these images on social media, adding to the campaign’s buzz.


The Arch Gate with Light was more than just an entry feature; it had a range of impacts on the campaign:

  • Footfall: The visually appealing setup was effective in attracting more people into the store, contributing to a 35% increase in footfall during the campaign.
  • Brand Consistency: Its design and messaging were in line with other campaign elements, providing a unified brand experience.
  • Social Media Impact: The arch became a popular spot for customer selfies and group photos, which were often shared online, thereby amplifying brand awareness.

The Arch Gate with Light successfully served its multiple purposes of attracting, welcoming, and engaging customers. Its strategic design and implementation made it a cornerstone in the success of EMotorad’s festive campaign, showing that even a single architectural element can have a significant impact on a marketing initiative.


Teams were deployed a week ahead of the festive season to start the setup. A centralized instruction manual was provided to each team to ensure uniformity in the setup across all locations. Real-time updates were monitored, and any challenges faced were resolved on the spot.

Campaign  Outcome

The instore branding was a resounding success:

  • A 35% increase in footfall was observed across all 15 dealerships.
  • A 25% boost in sales during the festive season, compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • Over 1,000 Scratch Cards were distributed, leading to a high level of customer engagement.
  • The campaign also generated considerable social media buzz, further amplifying brand awareness.

This partnership between EMotorad and AD Vantage not only met but exceeded the initial objectives, marking it as a case study in effective, impactful instore branding.


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