Outdoor Advertising Trends 2023: How to Gear Up?

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Outdoor Ads

Outdoor advertising or Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising  is undoubtedly an evergreen advertising strategy loved by the customers all over the globe. However, we cannot overlook the confusion and hesitation of businesses to opt for outdoor advertisements, as it is portrayed as a traditional and outdated advertising method.

The truth is that big brands have always identified the potential of best outdoor ads in creating impressions in the customers’ minds, making the maximum benefits from it.

Outdoor advertising strategy is an excellent example of a mass-market medium that may be used for outdoor branding, conveying broad messages, supporting campaigns, etc. Due to the dual advantages of outdoor advertising like size benefit and mass outreach, it has a significant impact compared to other kinds of advertising.

In simple terms, outdoor advertising means the ads you see in the open spaces once you go out of your home. This blog discusses the OOH advertising 2023 and the latest type of outdoor advertising booming in India.

Billboards, lamp posts, vehicle advertisements, etc., are all examples of traditional outdoor advertising methods. These types of outdoor advertisements are being subjected to changes and new trends in out of home advertising sector, depending upon the expectations and preferences of the world.

Top outdoor advertising companies in India always look forward to bringing innovative and creative elements into their outdoor ads. When the revolutionising digital technologies spice it up, outdoor ads create wonders for the brand.

The Journey of Outdoor Ads

Out-of-home advertising, or OOH advertising, started its journey back in the nineteenth century with the birth of billboards. Billboard advertising then faced enormous evolution, along with the development in the automobile industry and transportation facilities. Businesses started realising the positive impact the billboards can have on the customers and how it can encourage them to purchase.

Until digitalisation took over the journey, traditional outdoor advertising was followed worldwide. Billboards, hoardings, newspaper inserts and other outdoor ads reached every nook and corner to spread brand awareness among the customers. However, with the boom in technology and innovations, outdoor advertising also started its metamorphosis like any other sector.

Is it the Right Time to Invest in Outdoor Ads?

Last year, the COVID pandemic-related lockdown impacted the Indian advertising sector hard, causing a 21.5 percent drop in ad spending. An advertising means that witnessed a sudden fall during the period was outdoor advertising, which was about 73 percent.

There had been a significant shift in customer behaviour with the pandemic’s urgency. Brands must recognise the consequences of this transformation right away and exploit the opportunities that these new consumer journeys bring. It is the right time to grasp the changing and new outdoor advertising trends in India and follow the right path to uplift your brand.

Why outdoor advertising? Reports suggest that, in the coming years, outdoor advertising market will take the lead among all other advertising methods. So, if you are someone underestimating the power of outdoor advertising in India, just hold on and give it a try. I am sure you won’t regret your investment.

As the best outdoor advertising agency in Bangalore, AD Vantage Marketing delivers all types of outdoor advertising in India. We design custom-made outdoor ads as per our clients’ dream, that befits the changing trends in out of home advertising. We have an exceptional outdoor ad designing team that understands the pulse of outdoor trends in India.

OOH Advertising Trends

As discussed earlier, outdoor advertising is being labeled as outdated by many. However, experts in the advertising sector are curiously waiting for the outdoor advertising media to bang the industry. As per the studies, outdoor ads are booming even more potent in post-COVID times. People are fed up with repetitive digital and social media advertisements. Stepping out of the home after a series of movement restrictions and lockdown chapters, people want to feel everything fresh and new.

Outdoor Advertising Examples in India

Hyundai Motors’ anamorphic 3D outdoor activation is at Cyberhub in Gurugram is the best example of how a brand can create wonders with a OOH advertising. Check the stunning outdoor ad here.

It is the perfect time to capture your customers with trending outdoor ads. Have an ace up your sleeve with AD Vantage Integrated Marketing, the best outdoor advertising agency in India. However, it would not be a cakewalk for the businesses to invite customer attention with conventional outdoor advertisement tactics. Changes in customer behaviour and shopping patterns should be considered well before getting into outdoor advertising in India.

The majority of the customers are no longer interested in seeing traditional and static outdoor ads. To trigger their shopping instinct and to reach them with your brand, you should have something extraordinary in your store.

How AD Vantage’s Outdoor Advertising Options are Unique?

AD Vantage Integrated Marketing has come up with innovative outdoor advertising ideas and set outdoor advertising examples in India. We have an exclusive outdoor advertising team to address your outdoor a needs. Check out how we stand out from the herd.

Creative Designs

Creativity is the asset of AD Vantage, which is reflected in our outdoor advertising. We have an expert design team for tailoring stunning and streamlined outdoor advertising models. Our outdoor ads are never created blindfolded without taking into consideration the brand value and brand message of the client.

AD Vantage’s outdoor advertisements are custom-designed to sync with the geographic location of its placement. They convey your brand’s story in the most perfect way and stand out classic, beating your roaring competitors.


We are known in the industry for creating one-of-a-kind outdoor ads on a shoestring budget. We stick to the budget plan of our clients and design wallet-friendly outdoor advertisements without compromising the quality and creativity.

We have small businesses to giant corporates in our clientele list, and we experiment with creativity without spending a fortune. The suppleness and richness of our outdoor ads bring your brand message closer to your intended audience.

Supreme Materials

It’s just as vital to choose the right outdoor advertising materials to design something unique. AD Vantage can not only assist you in choosing the best materials for your outdoor ads but also see it through from design to installation, thanks to our considerable know-how and in-house skills.

The materials used to design our outdoor advertisements are impeccable and long-lasting. We use high-quality, weather-friendly, durable materials like acrylic, polyester, and poly-vinyl. We make sure that our designs are noticed from afar and they can even be lit up at night to catch the notice of the public. The following qualities make our outdoor designs distinctive.

  • Colour Quality
  • Consistent printability
  • Durability
  • Flame retardant materials
  • High-quality visual effects
  • 3D effects
  • Micro-textured materials
  • Engineered stiffness

Outdoor Advertising Trends- The Latest

I am sure now you will be curious to know about the OOH trends 2023 including digital out of home trends . Let us check out the outdoor advertising trends that can grab the attention of potential customers and pep up your sales and revenue.

Digital Billboards

Evolved from traditional billboards, digital boards are electronic display ads incorporated with the latest technologies. It’s a billboard with a digital screen that helps to draw attention to your message and make it stand out from the crowd. Interactive digital signages are becoming popular because of their expanded capabilities to interact directly with customers. LED billboards and large-format UHD digital displays reach the audience effectively and are the future of billboard advertising.

Digital billboards provide better chronological targeting with the capability to host multiple ads within a single billboard. The dynamic ads can be controlled with customised display and screen time. This makes digital billboards more effective than traditional billboards. Digital billboards can easily be customised, whereas traditional billboards take hours of work to change an old ad to a new message.

With digital billboards, the customers see your ad more frequently, which creates a lasting impression. Digital billboards are more friendly to customisation as per the target location and audience group. It is effortless to edit the ads in digital format.

Smart billboards can broadcast tailored ads, like information on sales or directions to a local location directly to nearby people when coupled with GPS navigation apps.

The following are the advantages of digital billboards that make it effective than traditional billboard advertising.

  • Colourful and visually appealing
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy transportation
  • Multiple ads on a single screen
  • Space utilisation

Most Indian cities, on the other hand, forbid the use of digital screens on highways, particularly in the line of sight of traffic lights. Furthermore, there are rules prohibiting animated digital advertisements on highways which makes their use restricted.

Anamorphic Advertising

Anamorphic advertising is one of the OOH advertising trends that uses illusions or anamorphosis to spread brand awareness. 3D digital billboards work in the same way as other 3D displays do. Two different images, taken from two different angles, are merged into a video, resulting in a three-dimensional effect.

Anamorphic advertising creates a considerable impact and retention in the customers’ minds. It would be a visual treat to the public, parallelly telling the brand story to your potential customers. Anamorphic advertising is very realistic when compared to other advertising techniques. When placed in a perfect location, they can create a different world by going in harmony with the geographic space.

3-dimensional visuals used in anamorphic advertising trigger a long-lasting impression among the customers, and the message reaches them with a strong impact. Even after crossing an anamorphic advertisement, the customers will be curious to explore and experience the brand, which will obviously result in effective conversions. Hiring an expert anamorphic advertising agency will help you with exceptional anaphoric outdoor ads with the best outdoor marketing ideas.

Smart Ads

Smart ads are outdoor ads that follow interactive digital out of home advertising trends and elements, where the customers can creatively interact with the ads. They incorporate unique features like facial recognition, fun activities, games, etc., through which the customers get closer to the brand.

Smart ads with QR codes are in trend that triggers an instinct in the customers finds more about the brand by scanning the QR code in the ad with their cellphones. QR code scanning will give the customers more of a personalised experience, making them aware of the promotions and offers offered by their favourite brand.

Moving OOH

Moving OOH can otherwise be called mobile billboards. It is the evolved version of transit advertising combined with digital technology, where digital advertisements are placed in transit vehicles. The most trending moving OOH are vehicle wraps, taxi-top screens, bus wraps, led truck advertising, etc.

The main advantage of moving OOH is that the brand messages can travel anywhere across the streets and interact directly with the audience. The targeted audience can be filtered out, and the moving OOH can specifically reach them, thereby conveying the brand message.

Moving outdoor advertising is attention-grabbing and encourages the customers to know more about the brand. Moving OOH can often be combined with other advertising techniques like the distribution of brochures, leaflets, etc., which enhances the reach of this outdoor advertising technique.

Multi-Channel Integration

Traditional outdoor advertising strategies clubbed with multi-channel advertising platforms like television ads, online ads, and radio ads is another fast-growing outdoor advertising trend. This method will help the brands to cover different audience communities simultaneously.

The post-pandemic situation has made consumers more sensitive, changing their consumption patterns. ‘One size fits all solutions will not work anymore for all the brands. AD Vantage Marketing, the best advertising agency in India, is iconic for its optimised and customised outdoor digital advertising that go hand-in-hand with the out-of-home advertising trends 2023. We make every effort to enhance our outdoor ads’ reach based on the changing media habits, customer preferences, and financial crisis. We adapt to the new trends in outdoor advertising and get the best for your business with the best outdoor advertising campaigns.


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