AD Vantage’s Promo Campaign Amplifies JioMart’s WhatsApp Shopping

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Case Study

About the Client: JioMart

JioMart is the e-commerce arm of Reliance Retail, designed to provide a holistic online shopping experience to customers. Launched as a part of the larger conglomerate Reliance Industries, JioMart aims to revolutionize retail in India by integrating online and offline shopping platforms.

As a strategic initiative, JioMart partnered with WhatsApp, the widely used messaging app, to further simplify the online shopping experience. This partnership was built upon a strategic alliance between Meta (formerly Facebook) and Jio Platforms. With a focus on providing an end-to-end digital shopping experience, the JioMart-WhatsApp integration allows users to browse catalogues, place orders, and make payments all within the WhatsApp interface.

With a rapidly growing customer base and a steady increase in online orders, JioMart is a leader in leveraging technology for retail innovation. Their commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction is evident in their continuous efforts to streamline the shopping experience through partnerships and technology integrations



To amplify the integration between JioMart and WhatsApp and drive a substantial increase in customer engagement and sales through WhatsApp. The campaign aimed to encourage in-store customers to switch to or also use the WhatsApp ordering system for a seamless shopping experience.

Target Audience

  • Existing JioMart customers who shop at Reliance Retail Stores.
  • New customers visiting Reliance Retail Stores across India.
  • Tech-savvy individuals who are comfortable using WhatsApp for various services.


  1. Customer Awareness: Many customers were unaware of the JioMart-WhatsApp integration for shopping.
  2. Behavioural Inertia: In-store customers were accustomed to traditional shopping methods and hesitant to switch to a digital platform.
  3. Complexity of Execution: Implementing an effective promotional strategy across Pan India Reliance Retail Stores.
  4. Measuring Impact: Tracking the success metrics accurately while dealing with a large and diverse customer base.


  1. In-Store Promotion: Leveraging in-store footfall to educate customers about the WhatsApp shopping feature.
  2. QR Code Strategy: Using QR codes for quick access to the WhatsApp chat for placing orders.
  3. Staff Training: Educating in-store staff to guide customers through the WhatsApp shopping process.


 Team AD Vantage deployed promoters in Reliance Retail units across Pan India to directly interact with the customers. A comprehensive in-store marketing strategy was developed, which included:

  1. Standees featuring QR codes placed strategically throughout the store.
  2. Promoters actively approaching customers to educate them about the new feature.
  3. Live demos on how to use the WhatsApp shopping feature effectively.
  4. A seamless process for tracking customer interactions and measuring the success of the campaign.


Phase 1: Placement of standees with QR codes in high footfall areas within the stores.

Phase 2: Promoters engaged with customers, directing them to the standee and explaining the benefits of WhatsApp shopping.

Phase 3: Live demos were conducted to provide customers a hands-on experience.

Phase 4: Data collection and monitoring were done to track customer engagement and sales via WhatsApp.


 Active Customer Base: Growth of 37% month-on-month.

  1. Order Volume: The number of orders grew by 9x since the launch of the campaign.
  2. Business Growth: Achieved 30-40% month-on-month growth in business.

The campaign was highly successful in achieving its objectives, and the strategic placement of our promoters played a significant role in the same. The JioMart WhatsApp Shopping Promotion campaign served as a milestone in the evolution of integrated digital and in-store shopping experiences.


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