Digital Wall Painting Advertising: Feel the Difference

by | Dec 29, 2023 | Indoor Ads, Outdoor Ads

“Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community…faster.”

What if your business and its values are depicted on a massive canvas like a wall?

The global comeback of hand-painted advertising began a little over ten years ago. Wall painting ads entail painting the names of the business, the product’s catchphrase, an image of the endorser or brand ambassador, and other information on a giant wall.

Traditional wall painting has also adopted a new look with the development of the OOH sector thanks to digital wall painting.

Through this blog, you will learn in detail about digital printing on walls that acts as a trending mode of advertising in this digital era. We will focus on digital wall art display, digital wall advertising, the purpose of digital painting, and so on.

What is digital wall painting?

Digital wall painting advertising, otherwise called digital wall printing. It is the latest advertising strategy where printing on walls for the purpose of advertisements is done using digital printing technology and not conventional hand painting.

Dayaram Mahajan created and released the ground-breaking technology known as DWP Media in 2013, which was done in collaboration with Ketan Desai. The technology was developed after eight years of steady research and development activities.

Traditional wall painting has been dramatically improved by digital wall painting, which has also revolutionized government initiatives for social messaging in rural and semi-urban areas. All you need is a wall, and digital printing can help you reach any campaign goal, whether you are trying to make a powerful static statement or a memorable advertising extravaganza.

What is the difference between digital painting and traditional painting?

As discussed above, the major difference between digital painting and traditional painting is that exclusively designed printing machines carry out digital wall printing. It purely employs digital technology, using spray painting techniques.

Hand painting for advertising is manually done by skilled artists with the help of blueprints of the advertising design demanded by the clients.

How does digital painting work?

The wall is first painted with a white primer coat of paint. The digital wall printing device then prints the provided print. The print is then put on the wall after the wall has been sprayed with water in a way that causes the print to dissolve into the wall and become attached.

Using tried-and-true inkjet technologies, these wall printers rapidly dry the ink using UV light, making it resistant to the elements and sunshine. After the print has dried, the stunning media impression is visible. Everyone who views the prints in motion would be astonished by their incredible quality.

Why digital painting is important?

Wall paintings have historically been the principal channel for businesses, notably FMCG companies, to reach the rural and semi-rural consumers.

For instance, as they offer definite advantages for brand awareness and long-term advertising images, Digital Wall Paintings (DWP) are a well-liked replacement for traditional wall painting.

The limitations of conventional hand-painted advertising mediums include skilled labor, color constancy, difficulty replicating logos or images, etc. Low customer satisfaction and a decline in sales are the outcomes of this. Digital printing on walls can reflect the advertising ideas clearly, overcoming the drawbacks of traditional advertising wall painting.

Different Types of Digital Wall Painting Advertising

The following are the different types of digital painting on walls. Depending upon a business’s digital painting requirements and budget, any digital wall painting media could be creatively used to mirror your digital wall art ideas.

  • Water Activated Media
  • Self-Adhesive Media
  • Digital Wall Printing Media with Metallic Effect
  • Digital Wall Printing Sticker Media

On almost any material, digital wall art designs can be effectively created by printing graphics of any type and size. The digital wall painting process can be done on the following materials as listed below.

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Tiles
  • Plaster
  • Brick/Stone
  • Glass
  • Metal

Digital wall painting price differs depending upon the medium of advertising, size, and other dimensions of the digital wall paintwork.

Advantages of Digital Wall Printing

Let us check out the advantages of digital printing on walls that makes them the first choice of leading brands in India.

  • Digital wall printing can be done both on even & uneven surfaces like walls, glass, shutters, wood, and containers.
  • Digital wall painting technology can give better outputs.
  • Digital painting for walls will yield more outstanding print quality, thereby grabbing more audience attention.
  • Digital printing on walls is tamper-proof, unlike traditional wall paintings used in advertising.
  • Advertising using digital printing would be weatherproof and would be the best choice for the long term.
  • Because of their tamper-proof and weatherproof qualities, they are easy to maintain.
  • The maintenance cost of outdoor wall painting advertising would be lower when compared to traditional painting strategies.
  • Digital wall painting materials can be very well used as a sustainable and recyclable advertising option.
  • The time required for creating a digital wall printing advertising is minimum.
  • With unique digital painting tips, you can gain a better reach to your target audience in a minimal time.
  •  Life of digital wall painting is minimum of 1 year plus.

Ad Vantage Digital Wall Painting Agency

Are you looking for astonishing digital printing on walls? AD Vantage digital wall painting Bangalore can deliver elegant and showy wall art at the best-ever wall painting advertising rates.

We can match any of the client’s digital wall painting specifications, including 3d wall advertising using quality digital wall art materials. We have an efficient team to design the digital wall painting as per the need of your business.

Once the budget and the design are finalized, our team executes the digital wall painting advertising that echoes your brand in the best way.

Though the digital wall painting rates are higher compared to traditional advertising, the advantages are clear and surpass the price difference. The procedure is more straightforward with DWP. There is potential to demonstrate more of the brand and its message, improving recall and visibility.

An expert digital wall painting company like AD Vantage can help you create a cost-effective digital painting on walls, making it an excellent indoor or outdoor advertising medium for your brand.


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