Exhibition Display Stands: How to Showcase Your Products?

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Exhibition Stalls Design

Exhibitions and trade shows provide a variety of platforms for businesses to present their products and services. Such events help businesses deliver their core brand message to a more receptive audience.

Expos are excellent opportunities to meet members of your target market. There is no denying the value of one-on-one interaction, and exhibitions give you a stage to use this ability. You may talk to your customers and gauge the mood of your target market at your expo booth.

With this blog, we will discuss exhibition display stands in depth, the crucial element when you plan to become a part of an exhibition event or a trade fair.

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What is exhibition display?

The physical and conceptual setting used by businesses to display their products and services to potential customers and other individuals linked to the business is known as an exhibition display.

Space organization, installation design, as well as the visual and content components of information presentation are all included in the scope of an exhibition display.

Many businesses and brands choose to use exhibitions to introduce their newest products to the market. There is no better venue for a product launch than an expo because you can respond quickly and effectively to customer questions.

There is very little time—only 3 to 4 seconds—for an exhibitor’s booth to grab a visitor’s attention. You must promote your business and get people to stop by your booth. In this instance, the design of your exhibition display stand plays a significant role in luring customers. It makes you stand out from countless other exhibitors.

What is exhibition stand?

An exhibition stand is a physical space within a trade show or exhibition event where a business can showcase its products, services, or brand to those who attend the event. The business can promote its brand with perfectly designed and executed exhibition display stands, grabbing attention and creating brand awareness.

Your primary motivation for participating in the exhibition will determine which form of exhibition solution is appropriate for you.

Factors Determining the Effectiveness of Exhibition Display Stands

The exhibitor’s present requirements, availability, and financial limitations will determine which of the stand arrangements they choose. The choice of stand you use for the promotion will also have an impact on the various display concepts.

Smaller exhibition booth stands provide an excellent opportunity for interaction with every booth visitor. They are the ideal setting for private product demonstrations and in-depth discussions. You may ensure that you focus on every visitor.

Let’s discuss the factors that can impact how exhibition display stands can shoulder the product display of a business in an exhibition event.

Exhibition Plan

Your goals must be well-defined and connected to your whole marketing strategy before you can develop your display stands for exhibitions. The type of stand you select and the items you display will depend on what you expect to accomplish at the expo.

Expo display stands should clearly reflect the business goal you wish to accomplish with the exhibition event. The exhibition display stand design should address everything needed to bring your product to the limelight.

Exhibition Stand Space

What’s the objective for your participation in an exhibition event or trade show? Why do you need a certain amount of wall space and floor space in an exhibition? Most frequently, exhibitors require particular directions to set up a stand in meeting rooms, storage facilities, lounge areas, shelves for product displays, and reception desks.

The length and width of your exhibition stall design are limited only by the available stand space. Devise an exhibition booth layout that will allow you to fit everything in without appearing cramped.

Nothing is worse than lingering in the aisles and becoming a nuisance at the trade show. If it meets your needs, the exhibition booth design with the tiny size of the stall is fine.


The location is still important in terms of ROI, even though it will have little effect. It’s essential to make informed location decisions to maximize benefits. It’s crucial to take your time and carefully consider the size and location of your show booth. Booth sponsorships typically require a sizable expenditure, so strategically organizing your presence will enable you to maximize your return on investment and make the event a success.

The analysis of the floor plan is equally essential for success. These could lead to issues with booth layout and setup. It is common for show organizers to pressure new exhibitors into choosing less-than-ideal display locations.

Types of Stalls in Exhibition

Shell Scheme Stands

These kinds of exhibition stands are the least expensive alternative for a modest trade fair appearance. The shell schemes are incredibly unimaginative by nature, so you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to draw visitors to your stand in order to get the most out of your time at the show.

A shell scheme consists of a box-shaped structure supported by vertical aluminum poles and joined at the top and bottom by aluminum cross poles.

A straight row stand with wall panels, simple carpets, a counter for storage, and a fascia with the name of the business on it is known as a shell scheme stand. It’s crucial to remember that different providers will have slightly different sizes and shapes for their shell schemes

Corner Exhibition Stands

Corner exhibition stands with openings on both sides are positioned at the end of a row. When event guests can enter the stand from two sides, the design is also known as a two-sided open exhibition stall. They are positioned at a crossroads with heavy traffic from exhibition visitors.

There will be ample room for displaying graphics and brand communication in corner exhibition booth designs. It offers a more giant canvas to incorporate a unique and memorable stand design.

Raw Space Stands

Raw space stand refers to renting the floor space for constructing a unique or modular display stand. It is an excellent alternative because it allows the flexibility to consider a variety of stand options.

You will have additional customization possibilities with raw space, enabling you to design a unique or modular display stand that is distinctive to your brand image. Choosing a raw space stand becomes one of the most excellent possibilities if you’ve already teamed up with a stand designer because they can show you a wide range of stand design options from which to choose.

Pop Up Stands

This exhibition display stand features a lightweight frame available in several sizes, making it simple to carry and install. The frame pops out and locks into place, hence the name. The cloth design can be quickly changed for new messaging and affixed magnetically or with Velcro.

Peninsula Exhibition Stands

Peninsula exhibition displays include openings on three sides of the aisle and are designed as three-sided open exhibition stalls. The rear wall of the peninsula stands will also serve as the foundation for your booth display. Peninsula booths can be used for product displays and banner displays during trade shows.

Peninsula booths provide the advantages of excellent visibility and versatility in terms of height and configuration options. When compared to styles like row stands, the cost of a peninsula exhibition stand design could be on the higher side.

Walk-Through Exhibition Stands

Here, the trade show visitors’ path passes through the exhibit, which will be divided along the middle on either side. Due to the divider, businesses rarely choose this sort of show stand. Fewer people will be able to see the booth, and keeping them inside won’t be easy.

Row Exhibition Stands

In row stands, the exhibitor’s right and left sides are bordered by other stands. Businesses, particularly those who frequently exhibit at trade exhibitions, view them as one of the most affordable displays stand designs.

Row stands are also known as one-side open exhibition stall designs since they include a single entrance and exit point for visitors. You can use the exhibition stall’s impenetrable walls for advertising your products with banners and brand logos.

Exhibition Stand Designs

Choosing the right exhibit booth is equally crucial, like choosing the right booth staff and trade show to attend. The most significant risk of selecting the wrong exhibition stand is the cost of unnecessary features and functionality, which will affect your trade show budget and, ultimately, your results.

Never let anyone leave your booth without ensuring they understand why they are there and the powerful messages you want to get across at that particular event.

Whether you want to prioritize brand visibility or just need something on a tight budget, there are numerous factors to consider. When selecting the exhibition stand sizes and the type of exhibition display design, ensure it will best fit your goals.

While designing exhibition display stands, the following things should be considered for better performance.

  • Simple to assemble and take apart
  • Perfect sync with the brand message and theme
  • Easy transportation
  • Scope to redesign and make use of the display stand for the next event
  • Lower maintenance cost

Ideas to Make Your Exhibition Display Stand More Interactive

If you are launching a new product, your booth and the activity must entice customers to your booth because it is engaging, imaginative, and enjoyable while still getting the point through swiftly. The top trade show booths carry out activities enhancing brand remember while fostering strong customer relationships.

You can determine the level of interest of your visitors, thanks to the involvement that an interactive exhibition stand offers.

Lighting and Theme

Always have your personalized lighting setup in place so you may choose the atmosphere and vibe you want to give visitors to your show booth. When it comes to communicating the distinctive subject of your display design, color lighting does a fantastic job.

Increased clutter from more colors may lower brand memory. Make an effort to quickly and clearly establish your brand in the attendee’s consciousness.

Quality Printing

High-quality printing when designing exhibition booth stands can easily capture the attendees towards your business. The most often used printing techniques for exhibition booths are fabric and vinyl print.

There is no restriction on the printing size with fabric prints, so you may make them as huge as your show stand design calls for. The exhibition stand graphics made of fabric are also more resistant to fading and wear.

Photo Booths

Placing a photo booth right in front of your exhibition display stand will be brilliant. Classy and interactive photo booths would trigger the attendees to pose for pictures. You can post these pictures and captions online after the event. People may tweet and share them, promoting your presence at the exhibition.

Technology will undoubtedly aid in establishing a good first impression. You can employ a digital screen wall, virtual reality technology, picture booths, and graffiti walls to showcase your product or service.


The success of an exhibition will be maximized by making the most of technology. Visitors to your exposition stand may be intrigued by VR or interactive games and be persuaded to play them. All of this will raise the volume of people visiting your booth.

The convenience of having a digital brochure is undeniable, even though some people still prefer to get printed copies of brochures, data sheets, and technical information. You may set up QR codes for a wide range of uses, including simple website visits, brochure downloads, and mailing list registration.

Games and Quiz

One of the most engaging exhibition ideas that use games to educate visitors about your brand and encourage involvement.

The most innovative and creative exposition stand themes are frequently the simplest ones, including industry-focused quizzes that test the audience’s understanding of particular topics or items that may incite rivalry.

To wrap up, trade shows and exhibitions, whether B2B or B2C, provide excellent Return on Investment (ROI) since you cannot replace the invaluable information you may obtain directly from your potential or existing clients.

More subliminal brand imprinting will occur as people view your business in exhibition booths. You may be at the top of clients’ lists as their initial point of contact should they require something in the future that might be related to your products or services.


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