How to Measure the Success of Your Outdoor Advertising Campaign? Vital KPIs

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Although outdoor advertising is nothing new, it is an industry that is currently evolving to meet the needs of the market and the consumer. Outdoor advertising campaign is a tried-and-true strategy for interacting with a large audience and has been used for hundreds of years. Outdoor advertisement has never had a better chance to have a significant impression thanks to contemporary display techniques and novel concepts.

The epidemic pushed the industry’s reset button and sparked investments in technology-driven OOH media measurement. OOH differs from traditional media because to significant expenditures made in technology, such as big size outdoor screens and curved screens that give experience communication.

The ability of outdoor advertising campaigns to successfully reach the correct audience at the appropriate time and place is one of the primary factors contributing to its rise. To ensure that the advertisement is strategically positioned at the appropriate area, the OOH channels make use of extensive demographic data.

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How an Outdoor Ad Campaign Benefits a Business?

To be crisp, outdoor advertising can provide several benefits, including:

  • Increase awareness of it
  • To gain more reputation, communicate locally
  • Draw customers’ attention
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Boost your brand’s identity

Let’s now see the benefits of outdoor advertising elaborately.

Brand Recognition

Outdoor advertising is a fantastic approach to enhance brand recognition. Companies may reach a wide audience and leave a lasting impression by placing advertisements in high-traffic areas, such busy crossroads or major highways

Defined Targeting

Outdoor advertising can be used by businesses to reach particular audiences based on location or demographics. For instance, a business might decide to place advertisements at a sports arena to reach sports lovers or a shopping center to reach consumers.


Perhaps less expensive than other forms of advertising are outdoor advertising. After the ad is created and placed, there are no ongoing costs, such as per-click or per-impression fees.

Continuous Exposure

Outdoor advertising exposes potential clients continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Outdoor advertisements cannot be turned off or bypassed, unlike other types of advertising, including those on TV or the radio.

Creative Freedom

Outdoor advertising offers a lot of design and placement freedom. Businesses have a wide range of formats to select from, including billboards, bus shelters, and street furniture, and may develop eye-catching designs that stand out from the surroundings.

Localized Advertising

With outdoor advertising, you may effectively target clients in particular regions. To attract local clients, a business could decide to run advertisements in a particular city or neighborhood.

Overall, outdoor advertising can be a highly effective way for companies to increase brand awareness, reach targeted audiences, and achieve their marketing objectives.

How to wind up an outdoor advertising campaign?

As we have discussed above, outdoor ads have umpteen benefits, that makes it a strong choice for most of the businesses even in this digital world. Outdoor ad campaigns never go outdated. Perhaps, with the digital technology innovations, OOH advertising has also entered a brand-new era with a multitude of possibilities to capture the audience and create lasting brand recognition and recall.

Imagine Brand-ABC has conducted an outdoor advertisement campaign with a massive budget for creative OOH ad elements. The outdoor advertising campaign is run for a couple of months with periodic maintenance. Is that enough for the brand to attain the campaign objective?

No, if the OOH advertising campaign ends there, the brand has not exploited the endless possibilities of the outdoor advertising. They have not waited to pick the ripened fruits from the tree.

An effective outdoor ad campaign strategy should end up in measuring or tracking the effectiveness of the campaign. The brand should analyze and answer the following during the process.

  • How far and good the campaign was?
  • Did the target audience enjoy the outdoor ads?
  • What was their response to the OOH ad campaign?
  • How did the campaign elevate the foot traffic, sales and revenue?

How to measure the effectiveness of outdoor ad campaigns?

An outdoor advertising campaign can be tracked and evaluated for effectiveness, contrary to popular assumption. It’s true that many outdoor advertising formats lack the automatic data and analytics that digital advertisements do. Yet, there are numerous efficient and reliable KPIs to determine how well an outdoor advertising campaign has affected and reached its target audience.

Role of KPIs in measuring the impact of outdoor ad campaigns?

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are essential in tracking OOH advertising, since they assist assess the efficacy of campaigns and guarantee that they are in line with the objectives of the business.

The following are the benefits of KPIs when implemented in an OOH advertising campaign.

Campaign Success Assessment

KPIs assist advertisers in gauging the effectiveness of their outdoor advertising initiatives. They offer perceptions of how well campaigns perform in reaching particular objectives like raising sales, generating leads, or raising brand recognition.

Budget Allocation

By evaluating which campaigns are producing the highest ROI (Return on Investment) and which campaigns are underperforming, KPIs assist advertisers in allocating resources more effectively.

Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Real-time campaign optimization is made possible by KPIs, which let advertisers make changes based on the campaign’s effectiveness. By doing so, the campaign’s efficacy can be increased and the organization’s objectives can be met.

Predictive Analysis

KPIs give advertisers information into how campaigns are expected to perform in the future, enabling them to deploy resources and budgets wisely.


By offering a clear set of indicators that can be used to evaluate performance, KPIs assist in holding marketers accountable for the success of their campaigns.

KPIs for Outdoor Advertising

Let’s identify the vital KPIs that is effective in tracking your outdoor ad campaigns.


Impressions are a measurement of how frequently a user sees an outdoor advertisement. Another name for this is a view-through. In essence, impressions indicate how frequently a specific consumer sees a message from your advertising campaign.

The number of times a specific advertisement appears on a billboard in a specified location is how impressions are often calculated. Certain brands may have a more pronounced presence in a particular market than others, which may draw attention away from your advertisement.

Reach and Frequency

It is an outdoor ad KPI that represents the number of unique people exposed to an OOH advertising campaign, called as Unique Impressions and the number of times they saw that campaign, much like their counterparts, called the Unique Traffic versus Repeat Traffic. This KPI is more often used for digital OOH advertising.

Often, Wi-Fi mobile phone sensors or mobile location data are used to calculate unique reach and frequency. To obtain improved and finer-grained Reach KPIs, real-time audience data gathered by an Anonymous Video Analytics platform can be compared with those sources.

Traffic and geography

Traffic and geography of the location of OOH ad placement could be used as an effective KPI. Foot and vehicular traffic using population data, government data, road traffic counts, and manual trip statistics could be relied to track OOH campaign effectiveness.

This will enable businesses to estimate the volume of traffic and people that will pass by the advertisement in the suggested place. While the advertisement is running, metrics can be determined using this data.


Hashtags can be used by businesses to assess the success of their billboard or other out-of-home advertisement. Using hashtags is a common approach to follow conversations about a certain company, commodity, or service.

When hashtags are used in outdoor advertising, people are more likely to interact with the message and utilize the hashtag on social media. This approach might offer beneficial insights for firms regarding audience response and client retention.

Footfall and Sales

Whether or not an outdoor advertisement is attracting more customers can be determined by an increase in foot traffic and sales of the business . Businesses are advised to keep an eye on sales data and determine whether the outdoor advertising campaign had any impact on sales.

During the course of the advertisement, if sales and client retention grow, it is safe to conclude that the campaign is successful.

Engagement Metrics

The number of viewer interactions with the outdoor advertisement, such as QR code scanning or website visits, is referred to as engagement metrics. OOH advertising can promote brand recognition and raise the possibility of future involvement even though it is not intended to evoke an immediate response.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the proportion of visitors or interactions that result in an action that meets your business’s acquisition objectives. It is the measurement that enables you to determine quickly whether a specific consumer touchpoint is operating effectively.

To calculate the conversion rate, take the total number of conversions and divide it by the overall volume of traffic to your billboard advertising campaigns to determine the conversion rate. The formula used to determine conversion rate is as follows:

conversion rate = total conversions / total interactions

Touchpoint Conversion

You can define a customer’s journey using the metric known as touchpoint conversion. For instance, one billboard might bring customers to your website, where they interact with your ads and subsequently make a purchase, whereas another billboard might go directly to a transaction without requiring any extra touchpoints. You may improve your campaign going forward by identifying the touchpoints that reduce the number of sessions required before a purchase.

To conclude, KPIs are important in outdoor advertising, because they offer insightful information about the performance of out of home advertising campaigns. It allows the brands to make wise choices and optimize their efforts for to grab the maximum benefits of outdoor advertising campaigns.

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Before developing a unique advertising campaign, we work closely with their clients to understand their brand, target audience, and advertising goals. This strategy makes sure that every campaign is customized to the client’s requirements and has the greatest possible impact.

The strategic approach we take to outdoor advertising using KPIs is one of AD Vantage’s distinguishing characteristics. Together with our advertising services, AD Vantage offer in-depth analytics and data to clients so they can monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns. With the help of data-driven decision-making, OOH ad campaigns are continuously improved for optimum impact.

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